Quick Grills With Jay Bhanushali

Get to know the favorites of the new Dancing Sensation - Jay Bhanushali..

Describe yourself in one word: Simple & Dumb

Favorite Pass time: Flirting with Girls

Favorite Cuisine: Pani Puri & Belpuri of Juhu Beach

Brand you opt for: Not at all a Brand Freak, just opt for anything that is good and cheap

Favorite Shopping Place in Mumbai: Andheri, Lokhandwala

Favorite Car: Accord

Favorite Perfume: Anything which smells good. I always change my perfume and never repeat the same.

Favorite Book: Books are my enemies, don't ever talk about books(laughs)

Favorite Actor: Akshay Kumar

Dream Role: Akshay Kumar's role in the film Waqt

Best Punch Line you have received: Not heard anything at all; all the sexy girls come up to me and ask for my friends' number.

Message to your fans: Keep Loving me. I owe my fame and name to all my fans, and of course to my mom..

Author: Ranjini Nair

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Akshay Kumar

Comments (27)

hes such a swtheart...such an easygoing,freindly,warm n carefree dwnt 2 earth guy! :D luv dat! lolz n lolz we hve lots in common..haha i call myself dumb, n my fav food is also pani puri n bhel puri @ juhu! :D nyccc

15 years ago

Aww how sweet
We deff have one thing in common
I've calle myself DUMB
: )
: $

16 years ago

jay banushali is a really good dancer i dont know how he is as an actor but he was really good in Jhalak diklaja.

16 years ago

Jayy..ahaa...hez my ditto copyyyy....
Datzz whtt i luvv bout him.. :P
Luv yaa loadzzz..u rokk..:)

16 years ago

haha nobody ask for his phone number!!

16 years ago

i love him. he is a sweetheart.


16 years ago

OMG!!he's an Akki fan just like me!!I llooooooooooooove him now!!!!

16 years ago

He is such a cutieee... But i wanted 2 knw more about him this is not enough 4 me

16 years ago

Describe yourself in one word: Simple & Dumb
i loved that lind but not dumb. he si so cute i love to see down to earth actor like him. inshalla god wil make all his dreams come true cuz he si a really simple person love ya and watch kayamh mostly cuz of uu god bless uuu

16 years ago

book wise he's like me, well books aent my enemy but i hate readin books

16 years ago

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