Puru Chibber approached for Pavitra Rishta

Puru has been approached to play a vital role after the show takes a jump of one year...

Puru ChibberThe news of Zee TV's Pavitra Rishta taking a leap is spreading like fire. Subsequently, many new faces are slated to join the show. Puru Chibber is one actor who is being considered to play an important part.

Our source tells us, "Puru Chibber of Khhote Sikkey fame has been approached to be a part of the show.  The leap shoot will start in another four to five days."

Puru who confirmed the news states, "Yes I am approached for the show but nothing is confirmed yet."

We also hear that Pankaj Vishnu who plays the character of Ajit, Manjusha's mother Rasika Tai and Manasi Salvi aka Aashna will not be a part of the show after the jump.

Let's hope the inclusion of new faces brings some interesting sequences for the audience...

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Megha Bissa

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Manasi Salvi

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Pankaj Vishnu

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Puru Chibber

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Khhote Sikkey

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Pavitra Rishta

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Zee TV

Comments (16)

whateva u do, dont accept da offer. pr is bcumin hopeless(already is)dat even da actors have ditched it.

12 years ago

Oh come on Puru I am sure you can find something else to do. PR should have ended a long time ago.

12 years ago

Nooo Puru please dont do it! The show sucks! Do a show on Sony please! U were great as Hameer in Khottey Sikkey.

12 years ago

I'm not surprised that more characters are leaving after the leap. Wish Ankita and Hiten could leave too, they deserve better.

12 years ago

instead of taking a leap please start a season 2 with a fresh storyline

PR is getting boring with every passing day god knows what will happen when 20 yrs will be passed by

12 years ago

M not a PR fan but sumtymes I do gilmpse itz re runs on Zee Smile!Even then I can say this.
Frankly, This show has lost itz actual essense. I think it should be wrapped up now.
It sumtymes better to leave happy memories of a show then to drag a useless storyline!
No offence Please. I meant no harm.. just an honest opinion from me!

12 years ago

WOW no more ajit and annoying mom!!! NOW THATS awesome.

12 years ago

finally Puru is coming back... missed him after Khotey Sikkey

12 years ago

O M F G !!!! M bugged wit this shows news evryday on TB now... For God Sake Whu the Hell Cares?! :X

12 years ago

ekta gone crazy.she takes leap without working on storyline.with so many new charecter,new face in serial people can't connect with them.
i am feeling sorry for ankita as a sushita fan after the leap ankita's charecter will be marginalised greatly.

12 years ago

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