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PromoReview: Zee TV's 'Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More' is a NOVEL touch at 'Beauty And The Beast'

It is much more than what you would expect...


The much-talked about Zee TV show, Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More has finally arrived as the promo of the show went on-air recently. A unique take on the popular movie and book, Beauty And The Beast, the show does adapt several aspects from its inspiration but has a novel touch at the take altogether.

What Is It About?

A voice-over introduces us to a princess (Yesha) and a beast (Krip Suri) chronologically and soon we know that the beast has taken the princess to be her hostage and then a non-visual presentation tells that a prince came and saved the princess.

In a matter of seconds, we are enlightened that this quintessential fairy tale is being narrated by a mother to her daughter and hearing the tale, the daughter immediately revolts. Her reason for disbelief is what would the scenario be if she was the princess?

Finally, it happens in a continuing visual that the same girl grows up to be the same princess, who will be the 'damsel in distress' as she flaunts her chained hands and legs as she marries a cunning-looking Adhiraj Rajawat (Krip Suri) but with a twist. She concludes by telling that there will be a princess and there will be a beast, but the story will be completely different, the one known to none.

The Good

The fabulous way of shooting the first half of the promo with only frozen visuals of the protagonists followed by real-time shots is immensely appealing and draws your attention.

Krip Suri looks formidable and ruthless as the beast - the cunning Adhiraj Rajawat, where his rugged appearance adds to his character portrayal amazingly.

Even though the first half of the promo gives you an idea that it is just another Beauty And The Beast adaptation, the same is immediately axed by the second half which confirms that it is much more than being a done-to-death story.

The Not-So-Good

Even though the first half of the visuals in the promo look fabulous, the second-half underwhelms a bit with bad lighting on the characters.

The debutante actress, Yesha tries her best to look daunting and determined as the stereotype-breaking princess but doesn't pull-off the same. However, we are not ruling out the fact that this is just a promo and the actual show will be the correct analysis of her acting chops.

The Verdict

Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More is not a prototypical Beauty And The Beast inspite of drawing inspiration from the same. The story is a lot more than a beautiful princess' dilemma and is, infact, about her revolution towards a cunning man. With a relatively lesser known cast, it is the concept that will determine the show's impact.

Rating - *** (3/5)

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Subha_2601 2017-08-09T15:51:54Z I haven't watched the promo yet but the pics themselves look so disturbing and regressive. The heroine's hands are in chains and the hero holding the other side of the chain. The most disgusting part is the big wide smile on the heroine's face in spite of being chained.
angel_juhi04 2017-08-09T12:19:14Z How can you even give 3 to such a disgusting show where there is glorification of falling in love with your abuser and tormentor?Angry You people gave 2.5 to a fantasy show promo where 2 villains lusted over the heroine calling the promo as misogynistic or chauvinism not mentioning about the decent hero at all. But here you people give 3 to a show promo where the villain will be a hero. Don't get who hired you all for your job? I am horrified with this review and more horrified with people supporting this kind of show on You Tube calling it interesting. The saving grace of the show will be the hero/prince to be someone else not this beast otherwise it will be like Viraj Dobriyal as a hero in DSDDSB and Shiv Dutt as a hero in PYPCK instead of Raghav and Virendra Singh in both the respective shows. No wonder crime rates in India are only increasing when people support such horrible shows.2017-08-12 03:53:51
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