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Producer Sumeet Mittal Opens Up on Yeh Un Dinon’s Untimely End!

Producer Sumeet Mittal shared an emotional post after he got a call from a 16 year old fan requesting not to shut Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai…


Sony TV’s popular show Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai is all set to go off-air on and the news about the show’s sudden end, has left fans in shock. The last episode of the show will air on 15th August.

Not only fans but the cast and makers of the show are also disheartened after the news was confirmed. After actress Ashi Singh, Producer Sumeet Mittal of Shashi Sumeet Productions shared an old picture of him and wife Shashi Mittal. He penned down an emotional post after he received a call from a 16 year old fan from West Bengal, who requested him not to shut the show. 

“I’m feeling numb n overwhelmed right now. Got a call from a 16 year old girl from West Bengal requesting me in an extremely emotional way that please don’t shut YUDKBH. People love this show from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to West Bengal to Gujarat from bottom of their heart. And we all are praying that it doesn’t end!”

“When we started the show, we thought it would create a nostalgia and will be likened by the people of our ages and era. But slowly the story’s purity touched the hearts of not only the target audience but the young and teens also...That was something! Something which gave the strength to our belief that pure and innocent love touches the heart of any age any era! And here... it hasn’t touched the hearts of a few but... the millions!”

“For the unconditional love and support of the millions, will it be possible to express the feelings and emotions in words! NO... and this is what I’m feeling right now after seeing the love of the audience for Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai.”

“All I can say is that God is Kind. Shashi and Sumeet are blessed. Couldn’t imagine ever that one day these 15 years old boy and girl going to witness this beautiful miracle one day!

Thank you so much for all your love Friends. Do good in life by spreading love and love and love! Gratitude. #yehundinokibaathai #saveyudkbh.” he wrote on instagram.

Have a look at his post :

Courtesy : Instagram

Ashi Singh who plays the lead character, Naina revealed that she couldn’t stop her tears as the news came to her like a death news. “Yes the show is going off air, actually we had idea about the same but there was no official confirmation. When the news was confirmed and was officially announced I got very emotional and started crying also.The show is very close to me as well as the fans. It was like death news that had come to me because I was so attached to show. But seeing fans support and love I was happy and I am taking this in a positive way. Something has to end to start a new thing."

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Sumeet Mittal Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 

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jhalak7 6 months ago Sony TV has a tendency to chop their toes with their own axe. Shutting YUDKBH is nothing new. They usually shut all the good shows when they reach at their highest TRP.
Lata 7 months ago What will we fans do without it...we are loyal fans of the realistic shows...we don't want to see extra marital affairs...saans bahu shows...vampires and Naagins shows...if these are the shows that are getting TRPs ..if this is what Indians want to watch must say we Indians deserve such pathetic shows instead of a gem like YUDKBH.
Tede_naina 7 months ago It ran for two frikin year with zero trp's how much will they drag it people should pray it gets a logical end rather than weeping SMH
dr.shama18 7 months ago This is so heartbreaking.. we r doing all we can to get an extension n not let the show end. Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat hai deserves it. Ashi Singh and Randeep Rai we r with you.. n the whole team
Ayesha1980 7 months ago Sony is unlike Star or Zee who keep shows running for years ...every year they change ..i think its time to bid goodbye to yudkbh .
NeverGiveAF 7 months ago why does a show go OFF simple reason..low trp's this show never got trps but sony kept dragging it for 2 years coz they didn't hv any other show to fall back on...atleast it was doing great on online ratings...
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