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8 promising contestants confronting phases of appreciation,criticism, joy, sorrow, smile, tear... But finally who all are going to make it in 'Bemisal 12'???

Published: Friday,Jun 29, 2007 10:19 AM GMT-06:00
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The search for Bemisaal 12 still continues this Friday and Saturday in star VOI with yet another batch of contestants performing their best to be selected for the finals. If we go by the reports so far, then it would seem that in this round, the competition is going to be extremely tough.

This week has a treat in store for all Shaan fans who mesmerises everyone with his soulful 'Tanha Dil', later on joined in by all the eight partcipants on stage.
Sanchari Bose, the Hawa Hawaii girl, who gave a scintilating performance during Indore audition, tries to weave her magic once more with the seductive number ’ Jadoo Hain nasha hai‘. However, Jatin feels that she needs to showcase her body language as, while performing, that plays an important role to get the feel of the song. Aadesh says she has the potential but song selection was wrong and according to Lalit, the song did not suit her.

Aadesh is very disappointed with Dipin's performance on 'Allahhoo allahhoo' and to this Lalit comments that Dipin's voice can be used for a different genre in playback.

Next, the very melodious Aditi from Delhi goes all out with ‘Saiyaan chodo more baiyaan’. However, much to her dissapointment, Lalit objects and says she must not sing Pure Classical songs.. Not only does he object, but also gives a warning to Aditi for choosing such type of songs and asks her to sing normal songs in the future.. On the sunny side, while there is a warning, there is also praise from Aadesh, who wishes that Aditi becomes a great star of India.

After all the brouhaha that took place after it was reported that Alka h
as quit the show, speculations were running rife whether the mellifluous lady is still in the show. Well, Ms Yagnik is still very much a part of this show at least, who comments on Prantik's spirited performance of the Fiza title track and says she liked his voice and that it was very pleasant.

In this episode, we also have a bit of Nok-Jhonk with Abhijeet and Jatin where Abhijeet says that the soul of Jatin has entered into Abhijeet. Jatin humorously retorts that he is still alive.. And all this happens after the stunning performance of Abhilasha's ‘Ruki Ruki thi zindagi’ with Abhijeet saying that if she becomes the Voice of India, he would want to take all the due credit..

Aadesh also tries to make up for his comment on 'Roti' and indirect attack on Himesh last week by praising his composition of ‘Dil keh raha hai’ from Kyunki and giving a standing ovation to Vipul who sings this song.

Amitabh sings ‘suraj hua madhyam’ and Ryan sings the title song of Lakshya.. For Ryan Aadesh says he is an energetic performer while, for Amitabh, he asks him to bring in the romantic feeling into the song. Adesh actually asks him his age and goes on to comment – "Why so dry in the age of 20 ?"

Want to know who would go out and who would be the lucky once to get into the Bemisaal 12?? We would be eagerly waiting to see whether the judgement in this round is fair, or whether the judges again would favour a few over the others, wouldn't you? All this and much more to find out on Star Plus on Friday and Saturday at 10 PM only on Amul Star Voice of India.

Author: Anu, Minnie

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ajooni @ajooni 16 years ago very well written anu and minnie!excellent article and pictures 2 thums up
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anonmember @anonmember 16 years ago Excellent article, preview and high quality photos. Well written!
Really appreciate the previews cos we don't hear much about the contestants. Its usually news about the judges and their fights.
Very happy that one judge found Abhilasha's performance to be stunning. Hope she doesn't disappoint the viewers, who are expecting a wonderful performance from her. Disappointed with Jatin's comment on Sanchari's performance.
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