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Pratik to be suspected as the culprit in Laut Aao Trisha!

Kabir finds a strong evidence against Pratik and thus suspects that he is the real culprit in Laut Aao Trisha.

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24 Frames' popular show Laut Aao Trisha on Life OK is grabbing the attention of the viewers by the suspense it has been creating in the show. Each episode has some interesting twist which keeps the viewers hooked to the show.

Amrita (Bhagyashree Patwardhan) is worried because Trisha (Nalini Negi) has been kidnapped and her husband Pratik's (Jai Kalra) extra marital affair has been revealed in front of her.

Pratik being selfish and self centered is only thinking about his life and is not even bothered about his kidnapped daughter.

Our source says, "In an upcoming episode Kabir will tell the Swaika family that Trisha's debit card which was with her when she was kidnapped is now found with Pratik, Kabir (Eijaz Khan) interrogates Pratik and will try to find out the truth. Kabir suspects Pratik to be the real culprit."

Is Pratik the real culprit?

To know more keep reading the above space.

Phalguni Sharma


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miliiii 6 years ago Or could it be NEHA?! She has access to ALL his private Property after all.
Anisha_anitan 6 years ago Eijaz Khan keep rocking!!!

pallavi25 6 years ago I think its someone who has a major grudge against Prateek and is trying to frame him! Might be Gaurav or Kushan or even Lavanya.
Anisha_anitan 6 years ago Eijaz Khan doig a great job In Laut Aao Trisha
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