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Pick of the Week:28th-3rd May 08

From the happenings in the serials, we pick Top 3 of the popular serials..as we will keep a close eye on their each and every step,every week! now with ADDED ATTRACTION..Dialogue of the Week.

Published: Wednesday,May 07, 2008 22:33 PM GMT-06:00
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We are back with the All-Famous Pick of the week!! So get ready for the "Special Tadka"!! With our new Addition "Blooper of the Week Award" which will be given to the most Shocking Blooper shown in a serial! Also look for the new addition, "Dialogue of the Week".

Dill Mil Gayye:

Scene of the week: The scene in the staircase where Armaan has a heart-to-heart talk with himself and is later joined by Riddhima, ready to start her slave labor. Then he gets exasperated and asks her if she is his slave, then she has to do whatever he says, and she says yes. So he tells her he doesn't want to see her face. Riddhima pulls her dupatta over her face, and seeing this Armaan tries to leave the stairwell. Then Rids tries to go ahead of him to open the door for him but only ends up knocking Armaan with it.

Dialogue of the Week: Armaan and Riddhima get into a discussion, where Armaan says, "Mein Maalik nahin hoon, mein Armaan Mallik hoon." Riddhima says, "Same difference." Armaan says, "What, what does that even mean?" She replies, "Armaan Mallik, ya Armaan Mallik, ya... Armaan Maalik Mallik." So we all know who's the boss this week.

Style Icon of the Week: This week's Style Icon is a pair that has been slowly sweeping us off our feet. It's the dynamic duo Atul and Anjali. During the basketball game, Anjali rocked the court in layered red and black spaghetti-strap tanks, black track pants and her hair pulled back. Atul sported a bright yellow polo shirt with red and green colored cuffs, with black track bottoms. The pair truly outshined the others with their amazing style.

Blooper of the Week: The week's blooper was by Shashank, where he sarcastically tells off Kirti and recalls the first bike race where Armaan was injured, the Holi festival where he assumed Armaan brought bhang, and finally where he sees Riddhima massaging Armaan in the canteen. The first bike race was Rahul's idea and Shashank himself wished Armaan luck when no one was around. The Holi festival is where Nana brought the bhang but he chose to believe Riddhima's assumption rather than look for proof. When Riddhima massages Armaan, it was entirely her idea and not his. So Shashank manages to place the blame on Armaan even when there is no evidence supporting his theory.

Kis Desh Main Hain Mera Dil:

Scene of the week: Preet spills the beans that its because of his brother he has come all the way to tell sorry and leaves. Prem who was hiding on the side of the door comes in front, and is surprised to see the girl of his dreams standing in front of him. Heer is also shocked to see him. Prem wants to enter the house to bring a smile on her face, there were absolutely no dialogues between Prem and Heer, with both of them were blocking each other's way playfully     That was soooooo cute and one of the best couple scenes in recent times, the Chemistry was sizzling. They indeed make a very sweet and a cute pair..

Dialogue of the Week:" Yeh Preet itni aasani se I love u kaise bol leta hai, jab woh un ladkiyon se pyar bhi nahin karta ", says to himself a tensed and consfused Prem who wants to express his love to Heer!!

Style icon of the week: Hands down Prem/Harshad with his WOW looking striped shirts.

Blooper of the Week:-During the party episode Heer who was obviously working at night shift and out of the blue DJ comes and tells Heer to get ready and she dumps her official duties then and there to get ready, without seemingly taking any permission from her boss... Now this is a show that’s why it’s allowed, but in real life, the boss would definitely not appreciate this!!

Kuch is Tarah:

Scene of the week: Ranbir- who has now realized that he is in love with Kanya. Tears rolled down his cheeks when he called up his brother Aditya to inform him about how he just starts crying when he thinks about her.

Dialogue of the Week: Ranbir told everyone that "Kanya is his moon".The dialogue was short and indeed very significant....

Style icon of the week: Definitely Ranbir! He does carry his wardrobe very well!!

Blooper of the Week: Ranbir pretended to have a high fever so he can stop Kanya from going with Channu to "Tiku Ji Ni Vadi". But since he overacted too much saying "I wouldn't want her to not have fun because of me" she goes with Channu. At that time Pammi, Anand and rest of the family was taking care of Ranbir then how did he end up there at Tiku Ji Ni Vadi with his childhood so called friend Archie? Looks like creatives forgot this bit!!

:*:*Blooper of the Week Award :*:

This week's Blooper of the week award goes to the show "Hain Sitaron Par Nazar-Pari Hoon Main"

Raj and Nikki who went for a shoot in the jungle slipped and got trapped in the deep outskirts of the jungle, the script which was written for their movie "superstar" came true. However in the jungle, we found Nikki singing and dancing from the song featured from the movie Qayamat se Qyamat Tak, did she forget there were goons who were following them..to kill them? Another thing which we wonder was where did Nikki and Raj find all the vessels to cook the vegetables in the bag, they didn’t carry all the vessels in their bag, but when their bags were being loaded no one had put the steel vessels in them? ..or the vessels appeared like magic for all these special lost visitors of the jungle. Well, we guess the creatives got confused and forgot a little detail they actually got trapped and there wasn’t any shooting going on in the show...But the audience did spot that this was a Blooper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spotted by:Shagun, Shruti

Stay tuned for the Pick of the Week, every week only on Tellybuzz-buzzing already ..., our weekly from the world of Television shows......Special thanks to the Dev Team of IF for their input!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please note:There are lot of shows and we have to give fair chance to all the shows,hence every week shows are selected based on selective criteria ..

Concept: Nishtha
Contributed by:*Shruti*,trina1,sp79,*Aman_I*
Banner credit:*Kruthi*

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Geeta singh @sweetdesire 13 years ago I love u my sweetheart i.e my ARMAAN MALLIK
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Shilpi @shilpichaudhry 15 years ago I am so glad this is back ! I love this section from TellyBuzz.
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Melissa @Melissa 15 years ago KDMHMD's scene was awesome. Such a perfect scene.
Nice article. good picks on KDMHMD.
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ana @jenny-zee 15 years ago Good going ekta.......two shows !!!
I hope she doesn,t spoil these shows too!
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Deeksha @dreamer_dreams 15 years ago i think dmg blooper was not appropriate! no offence just a personal opinion!
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angelic eyes
yojana/angelic eyes @angelic eyes 15 years ago Thanxx a ton..wow..kdmhmd is d pick of the week..Prem is style icon..Lovely! Harsh is truly a rockstar!! :D
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kushi333 @kushi333 15 years ago luvd dmg last week... was jus too gud... hope it cums nxt week also... coz this week also it was jus awsome.. wth rhidima dance n her pranks.... jus tooo gud..!!

well nw to the better candidate for blooper award is CHOONA HAI ASMAAN... GOSH.. it is jus full of bloopers...i will hv to wriote an whole essay abt it.... but it rox bcoz of its actors... all r damn gud !! :)
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sayli @saylithegreat 15 years ago dmg rocks
the blopper is indeed funny
poor armann
nice article
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Priyanka @pribhu 15 years ago DMg is the best...ad yah the blooper is funny....awww...that dialogue was just superb...really funny...hehe
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tehreem @tehreemm 15 years ago DMG roxxxxx its the best serial ever
its the best
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