Parul's 'rosey' act turns bad..

Parul Chauhan and Deepak's Rumba act could not fetch them good scores, and the hurdle to their success this week were rose petals..

Published: Thursday,Apr 09, 2009 14:21 PM GMT-06:00
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Parul Chauhan
who has been having a good time of late in the Jhalak House could not get a good feedback from the judges on her 'Rumba' act with Deepak this week.

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According to our source, "Parul and Deepak surprisingly were the lowest scorers this week, and managed only a meager 19, while all other contestants surpassed scores equal to or more than 26".

Talking about the performance, our source says, "Their act was very nice and they ought to have got great marks, but the only negative aspect in their performance was that they were jittery when it came to dancing on the rose petals spread on the dance floor".

The fact was that Parul and Deepak had not rehearsed with the petals on the floor and this made them nervous while performing. "In fact, Parul seemed as though she was slipping when she stepped on the heart-shaped rose petals. The judges liked the performance a lot, but they said that the duo should have given bit more importance to the rose petals that they knew would be put on the dance floor. One or two rehearsals with the rose petals on the floor would have made them feel easy on the D- day. In fact, they could have modified their steps in such a way that they could have clearly avoided stepping on the petals", explains our khabroo.

Well, this was a clear case of 'one slip', and you find yourself at the bottom!!

Parul Chauhan

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RKB_LUV 13 years ago whatever truth is she has got 19 which was right worst ance of the episode
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~*puja*~ 13 years ago awww, that sucks... hopefully she''ll stay for another week!

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armaan__fan 13 years ago parul is really cute but karan is the best:-)
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Forever_Komal 13 years ago thnkx and parul deserves way more than what she got, atleast, a little more!
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ArmaansGirl 13 years ago Their Performance was very cute n parul luekd very luvly and Rosy! :D <3
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mjht2dmg 13 years ago She definetly deserve more than 19 for that act!
thy shuld have rehearsed wth rose petals.
Karan n Parul : fav celebs! [n Ram also but...]
Anywez gud luck Parul!
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radhika_21 13 years ago they perhaps could have given a few points more!
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Yazzi 13 years ago All though the judges are strict they know what they''re talking about ...

Parul and Deepak should have rehearsed with the rose petals, it would have made them more prepared, and they would have been confident on the D- day
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SHARANx92 13 years ago Karan got 27...judges wanted to give him 30 but they doubted that Nicole could see through her blindfold...
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Sonii_Babii 13 years ago Wt did karan geh dis week! I know hes gna win buh all the best parul
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