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Parenting in Telly World

Family and Kids are the most precious Gifts of God.. Our telly stars Aamir Dalvi and Anand Suryavanshi talk about their kids and thier life surrounding them!

Published: Friday,Aug 24, 2007 11:40 AM GMT-06:00
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Stressed out Schedules, pressures linked with daily soaps, emotionally draining storylines leave the actors with no time for the people they love the most - their families. Bachelors can infact cope up with such pressures and untimely schedules, but this becomes really tough for actors with family. Life gets more challenging when one becomes a parent. Being responsible, passing on your tantrums/values to your kids, and actually loosing your stubbornness are few ways in which you can see your kid growing before you. As a matter of fact, along with the kid, every parent too grows and learns new things with every passing day. We ask a few parents of the Television industry, as to how becoming a parent has changed them and how do they manage to balance out their career and their responsibility.

Parenting in Telly World
A talented actor, a doting husband and proud father of two kids, here is Aamir Dalvi speaking his heart out about his family, kids and his responsibilities towards them.

Tell us something about your child/children?

Aamir: Abheer is just one month old, he cuddles to his mom more. But Rasha, my daughter is more with me. Now with Abheer, my family is complete, it feels really good. I have always hated bikes, so my dream as a father is to make my son the Country’s Best Biker.

With your busy schedule, how do you manage work and family?

Aamir: I am at home for the past one week. As of now, Abheer is with his mom, so I have taken full responsibility of my daughter, so that we both do not feel tense about the kids. In this way, we help each other out.

How have you changed after becoming a parent?

Aamir: It feels nice, more of responsibility on your shoulder. I have mellowed down a lot after the kids were born. I used to be short tempered, but now, I cannot afford that. I feel more responsible, I need to earn for their future, set up their future, in the best way possible..

What is your favorite pastime with your kid?

Aamir: My daughter and I have a habit of being in bed, when i am at home. I always tickle her and she loves that.. My sister-in-law has a parlour and she always goes there and observes things. So she always tries a head massage and a body massage on me, and i love the way she does that. She is surely my stress-reliever.(smiles) This is one nice moment we share…

Parenting in Telly World
We now move on to the Handsome and Dashing actor and father of a cute little daughter, Anand Suryavanshi.

Tell us something about your child/children?

Anand: Diza, is my only daughter. She is three years old, will turn four soon in September. She’s begun going to school now.

With your busy schedule, how do you manage with work and family.

Anand: It does get very hectic, but I make sure that whenever I am at home, I am there just for her. We watch movies, roam around to her favorite places, or even just chill out at home. But my best moment is that, when she comes to wake me up in the morning, she’ll come and give me a kiss and cuddle up next to me, and we both just go back to sleep. That is like the most precious moment of my day.

How have you changed after becoming a parent?

Anand: Honestly, I haven’t really changed a lot. Well, I guess I am a little less stubborn now, and I’ve eased out on a lot of things. And that’s because Diza is just like me. She is stubborn like me. When she wants something, she just has to have it. Everyone in my family says that we are just alike, my mom says that she sees my childhood in Diza. And I guess I have become more responsible now. But yea, other than that, I am the same.

What’s the ideal, family day out?

Anand: Diza and I go to the Infinity Mall, we’ll either watch a movie, or play games there. After that, a must thing to do is have a chocolate cake. Believe me, its become like a ritual now. We just have to have a chocolate cake whenever we are at Infinite, she just doesn’t let me leave without having some. She is just like me, a chocoholic.

As the saying 'Bacchhe Man Ke Sache'... goes, we learn lots from kids and taking care of kids is an art in itself. The sweet memories shared with them, their non-stop talk and inquisitive behaviour, their pranks and laughter is just what makes life more beautiful. We tend to relive our childhood with the kids and this is exactly what the proud fathers and stars, Anand and Aamir experience now. Three Cheers to the two Fabulous fathers of Tellydom!!

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh, Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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punjini @punjini 16 years ago This was an informative article. I didn't know that SD's wife is still alive! How come no one talks about her? She is Asha Bhonsle's mother in law, so I hope Asha visits her.
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Pori @Pori 16 years ago Diza is such a cute namee.. thnx for the article
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ruqaiyah @~LiNa~ 16 years ago Diza....such a cute name!

Anand...such a waste...he's married...lol!
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Harman @Herman_4u 16 years ago wow, i really like what anand said, didn't read the other one cuz i don't know that guy. anand's answers were very sweet.
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Juhi @~*Juhi*~ 16 years ago Aww.. this is such a cute article! Diza is such an adorable name!
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Tooba fiaz @tumhari? 16 years ago sooooooooooooo sweet is anand a single parent?
thnx alot
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Ruhi Khan @THiNKiN OF YOU 16 years ago how sweet
im guessing anad is a single parent...
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memsaab @memsaab 16 years ago I have not seen Aamir's kids but Anand's Diza is overcute.. :)
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buttercup @buttercup 16 years ago awww andy candy sounds sooo sweet..i wana hav cake with him too :D
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metou* @metou* 16 years ago awwwwwwww...thats really sweet...sho sho cute =] luvly article
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