Pankit Thakker has a great fall...

Pankit Thakker aka Dr. Atul broke his leg while on shoot, and is now seen nursing in a wheel chair in the serial too...

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Dr. Atul of Dill Mill Gayye is nowadays trying hard to woo Dr. Anjali, but gets into problems every time he tries his luck there!!

But this time, Pankit Thakker faced a bigger problem as he fractured his leg when he was trying to impress his on screen love Dr. Anjali. “There was a scene where I had to climb a pipe to go to Anjali’s room; but unfortunately fell down and broke my leg. The doctor has advised me to take two weeks of rest”, says the actor.

But the actor is not going on a break as the creative team has changed the script to accommodate Pankit even with his broken leg. “I will continue shooting, as Dr. Atul is shown with a fractured leg in the show. I will be seen in a wheel chair till I get alright”, states Pankit.

Well, as we wish Pankit a speedy recovery, we hope Dr. Atul too gets his share of luck when it comes to girls….

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

Pankit Thakker

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Catwoman 12 years ago awww that show buzz term break a leg!! hehe bad joke

Get better soon
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dmg_freak 12 years ago hey atul jaldi sse thikh ho jaao.......i never knew ke tum real life mein bhi sweet ho. i wish u a speedy recovery :)
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tina_manoj 12 years ago aww thats soo cute hopes he gets well soon!!!
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bary 12 years ago thats so sweet of him,so sad to hear he actually falled from pipe,no experience as armaan,jokes a part,i really appreciate his dedication and creatives creativity to turn it like this,i hope he get well soon,love u atul
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Bollywood_chic 12 years ago aww....
hope he's better sooon....
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Lov_niti 12 years ago really gud actor

hope he gets well soon
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yipee 12 years ago aww thats sad....get well soon pankit
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saylithegreat 12 years ago he is such a sweetheart
get well soon
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Rhimjhimsawan 12 years ago awww! hope he gets well soon! Love him!
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pretty_angel5 12 years ago that's sad
hope u recover soon
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