Pandya Store: Shesh and Chiku reunite and fight like old times

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show 'Pandya Store', Natasha pleads with Shesh and Mittu to follow Chiku, and later, Chiku calls for Shesh to join the fight, sparking memories of their shared childhood.

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Shesh and Chiku reunite and fight like old times

In tonight's episode of Pandya Store, Chiku attempts to separate Natasha from Suman, but in the process, Chiku's touch results in Suman's medical equipment beeping. Chiku and Natasha are taken aback. Chiku urges Natasha to release Suman's hand and join him. Natasha implores the doctors to save Suman and demands to know who Chiku is. Chiku explains that Suman's life is at risk, and it's not Natasha's fault. He shifts the blame to Natasha's in-laws and reminds her not to hold herself responsible. In this conversation, Chiku accidentally remarks Suman as 'Koi nahi' and Natasha as 'Chutki', causing Natasha to suspect.

Hetal serves tea to Amrish, and he inquires about the Rakhi incident. Hetal admits she left the house through the kitchen window, and Amrish suspects Natasha's involvement. Amrish instructs Hetal to contact her brother and have him cut the Rakhi, then send a picture. He believes it's a rebellion and pushes Hetal to make the call. Hetal reluctantly contacts her brother and asks him to cut the Rakhi and send a picture. Her brother hesitates but complies. Amrish sees the photo, shatters the phone, and tells Hetal she no longer needs one.

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Natasha desperately calls for Chiku when he tries to depart. Chiku turns back, and Natasha approaches Chiku while reminiscing about childhood moments. Meanwhile, Shesh and Mittu arrive and inquire about Chiku's whereabouts. Chiku decides to leave, leaving Natasha in tears. Natasha sobs as she watches Chiku leave. Chiku is in tears as he departs, and Natasha recalls his words. Shesh refers to Chiku as a troublemaker, and Natasha pleads with them to find Chiku before he departs, promising to handle Suman. Amba talks to Chabeli about Natasha's departure, feeling she won't return. Dolly wonders if Natasha and Dhawal will divorce each other. Chirag reassures her, saying they're meant for each other, but Natasha needs to follow the family's rules to stay. Dolly expresses understanding and affection for Chirag.

Back at the hospital, Natasha prays for Suman's recovery. She lights a diya and implores Bholenath not to take Suman away. She considers Suman as family and prays for good news. Chiku storms into the Makhwana house, demanding to see Amrish. Amrish and Amba confront him, and Chiku begins to vandalize their possessions. Amrish mocks Chiku for trying to destroy the Pandya store, and Chiku declares he's there to confront Amrish. He grabs Amrish, leading Bhaven and Chirag to intervene, beating Chiku and berating him. Chirag advises Amrish to call the police due to the intruder.

Chiku retaliates by using a vase to strike Chirag and Bhaven. Amba urges Amrish to contact the police and questions why this intruder is causing a stir. Chirag and Bhaven subdue Chiku. Chiku then calls out to Shesh, asking him to join the fight. He reminisces about their childhood together, and Shesh remembers their shared past. Shesh utters "Chiku," shocking Amrish and the others. Chiku inquires about Mittu's whereabouts, and Shesh discloses that Mittu fled. Chiku reminds Shesh that Mittu is Shiva's son. This revelation triggers a fight between Chiku and the Makhwana brothers. Amrish finally grabs Chiku, ordering him to stop. Shesh advises Chirag to halt the fight. Amrish questions Chiku about his identity, to which Chiku responds, "Yashodan Pandya, a.k.a. Chiku."

Precap: The doctor reveals that Suman is on a ventilator and requires a medicine only available in Mumbai. Natasha points fingers at Dhawal for Suman's condition.

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