Pandya Store: Natasha sneaks into Suhani's mehendi function disguised under a veil

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, Natasha covertly infiltrates the mehendi function disguised as a mehendi artist for Dhawal and Suhani.

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Pandya Store

Pandya Store, a beloved stop for fans of Hindi soap operas, continues to captivate viewers with its storylines and intriguing characters. Following a generational leap, the narrative now centres around Suman (Krutika Desai), who, along with her grandchildren Chiku, Shesh, Mittu, and Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav), take the storyline forward. The current storyline revolves around the estranged relationship of Natasha and Dhawal (Rohit Chandel).

In the upcoming Pandya Store episode, Natasha covertly infiltrates the mehendi function disguised as a mehendi artist for Dhawal and Suhani. Upon arrival, Suhani provides instructions for the mehendi design, including the request to incorporate Dhawal's name at the centre. Using an altered voice, Natasha assures the creation of a mesmerizing mehendi. As an unexpected power outage occurs, Natasha seizes the opportunity to sabotage the mehendi. Suhani's distressed reaction to her mehendi being spoiled prompts her to forcefully push Natasha, resulting in Natasha falling, and eventually, her veil comes off. The sudden return of electricity unveils Natasha's identity, leaving the family in shock.

In tonight's episode, Natasha and Dhawal, along with their families, arrive at the resort. Natasha contemplates annulment due to recent events. During the haldi ritual, there are moments of tension between Natasha and Dhawal. Suman expresses concern over Chiku's marriage to Isha, urging him to reconsider for Natasha's sake. Natasha, despite challenges, admits to still loving Dhawal. The episode unfolds with various family dynamics, including traditional rituals and conflicts. As Suman playfully advises Chiku, tensions rise, and secrets are unveiled. The episode ends with Natasha revealing her lingering feelings for Dhawal, leaving the audience in anticipation of the unfolding drama.

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