Pandya Store: Natasha is accused of being the mastermind behind Golu's kidnapping

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, an NGO representative accuses Natasha of instructing her to kidnap Golu and implicates her as the mastermind.

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Pandya Store

Tonight's Pandya Store episode begins with Suman (Krutika Desai) urging Sesh and Mithu to file a complaint about Chiku's (Sahil Uppal) disappearance. He hadn't returned home the previous night and was not answering his calls. However, Chiku returns home, and Suman emotionally embraces him, expressing her worry that he might have left her again. Chiku rebukes her, accusing her of pretending to care. Suman breaks down in tears and implores him to explain his harsh behaviour. Chiku cryptically mentions that he can't reveal the truth because it could harm her health.

Meanwhile, at the Makwana house, an NGO representative visits to collect funds for girls' education. Amrish seizes the opportunity to use Natasha's phone, contemplating how to ruin her completely. Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) is engrossed in playing with Golu and accidentally bumps into Dhawal, who playfully teases her. In response, Natasha sternly instructs him to maintain a safe distance.

Isha notices the police conducting an inquiry about a woman kidnapper and attempts to flee. However, a female police inspector apprehends and questions her about her hasty escape. Isha makes excuses to evade suspicion. While Natasha is studying, Dhawal requests her to help him with his studies. He receives a call from the police station, informing him that a suspect has been apprehended and asks him to come and identify the person.

Chiku calmly converses with Suman, assuring her he was merely joking earlier. He advises her not to be overly concerned about him and shares the distressing news that Golu has been kidnapped by a mysterious woman. Suman implores him to answer her calls when he is away and embraces Chiku, along with Sesh and Mithu. Dhawal arrives at the police station, where the same NGO representative reveals that she was paid by one of Dhawal's family members to kidnap Golu. She accompanies Dhawal to the Makwana house.

Pandya Store

Isha contemplates changing her residence as staying there is no longer safe, and she is exhausted from constantly being on the run. While Chiku is delivering products from the Pandya store, he unexpectedly encounters Isha. He notices her and promptly follows her. Isha feels like Chiku is always around. She nearly crosses in front of Dhawal's car, but he narrowly misses seeing her face. Subsequently, Isha is involved in a car accident with another vehicle, sustaining injuries and lying on the road. Chiku offers to take her to a doctor, but she agrees only if he promises not to involve the police.

Dhawal arrives home with the NGO representative and the police inspector. The representative accuses Natasha of instructing her to kidnap Golu and implicates her as the mastermind. The entire family is stunned by the accusation, and Natasha is taken aback. The NGO representative claims that Natasha had badmouthed her brother-in-law and expressed a desire to prove that Amresh could sometimes be wrong. Amba applauds the revelation and blames Natasha. Natasha vehemently denies the accusations, stating that she has never met the girl. The episode concludes with the inspector informing Natasha that she will be arrested for kidnapping Golu.

Pandya Store

Precap: Natasha will inform Amresh that she needs to work to support her grandmother (Dama) now that Pandya Store is under his control. However, Amresh will firmly refuse to allow any Makwana house daughters-in-law to work outside.

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