Pandya Store: Dhawal offers the divorce papers to Natasha

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, Natasha leaves with her luggage, and Dhawal surprises her by presenting divorce papers.

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Pandya Store

Pandya Store, a beloved stop for fans of Hindi soap operas, continues to captivate viewers with its storylines and intriguing characters. Following a generational leap, the narrative now centres around Suman (Krutika Desai), who, along with her grandchildren Chiku, Shesh, Mittu, and Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav), take the storyline forward. The current storyline revolves around the demolition of the Pandya Store, with Natasha and Dhawal being abducted.

In tonight's episode, chaos ensues as Amrish's henchmen brutally attack Dhawal. Torn between family and business, Natasha faces Chiku's accusations after their beloved Pandya Store faces destruction. Suman reminisces about cherished moments while Natasha is coerced into signing papers, struggling to justify her actions. Chiku, furious and protective, forbids Natasha from touching family belongings. Despite Suman's support, Natasha is shunned, and the family witnesses the heartbreaking demise of Pandya Store. The episode ends with Dhawal searching for Natasha, unaware of the store's demolition. Amid emotional hugs and shattered self-respect, the Pandya family confronts the harsh reality of their store's destruction, leaving Natasha at the centre of familial discord and regret.

In the upcoming episode of Pandya Store, Natasha will be seen leaving Makwana's house with her luggage. Amba questions her departure and requests one last thing before she leaves. Amrish intervenes, reiterating his belief that Natasha can never distance Dhawal from him. Amrish then instructs Dhawal to fulfil the last favour, surprising Natasha by presenting divorce papers to her.

The looming question is: What will Natasha's reaction be?

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