Pandya Store: Amresh issues stern warning to Pranali

In the upcoming Pandya Store episode, Pranali's accident and the escalating family drama take centre stage. Natasha's arrival adds complexity to the situation.

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Pandya Store

Tonight's Pandya Store episode begins with Natasha expressing her excitement about finally meeting Suman. As she starts to enter the house, Amba stops her before she can see what is happening inside. Amba, feigning concern, tells Natasha not to worry about packing as Chameli will take care of it, and she'll call Dhawal to take her to Pagphera. Natasha is touched by their gestures, and Amba advises her to sit tight while she handles things. Amba then goes inside the house and pretends to be shocked.

Dolly's accusation:

Inside, Bhavan is sitting next to Pranali, who is unconscious. Dolly enters the scene, exclaiming in shock at the sight of blood and accusing Bhavan of causing it, claiming she has a recording of their fight. Amba manages to persuade Dolly to leave. Hetal also questions Bhavan about the fight, and Amba appears bewildered by the situation before leaving the room. Bhavan denies any wrongdoing and calls the doctor, while Hetal insists they shouldn't delay medical attention. Bhavan calls for an ambulance, and Amba is with Natasha when it arrives.

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Natasha senses something fishy:

Natasha begins to ask questions about the situation, but Amba tells her it's for the neighbours. Natasha notices the ambulance is heading their way, but Amba quickly explains that it's for her, as she had called for a routine check-up. Amba then calls the ambulance personnel and claims to be the patient but mentions Pranali's name. Natasha senses something is amiss, but Amba dismisses her concerns, saying Pranali must have called the ambulance. Dhawal arrives, and Amba takes the opportunity to send him off with Natasha for pagphera. Meanwhile, the doctor examines Pranali, who regains consciousness. Pranali, however, throws a glass of water, refusing to speak. Hetal advises her not to say anything at the moment. Bhavan recalls the fight and Pranali's fall down the stairs. The doctor leaves, and Amresh arrives, inquiring about the situation. Hetal informs him about Bhavan and Pranali's public fight. Amba deflects blame onto Natasha, suggesting she may have provoked it. Amresh demands to know Natasha's whereabouts, and Amba says she sent her for pagphera, assuring him that she hasn't seen anything.

Natasha's reunion with Suman:

In a different scene, Natasha tells Dhawal it's fine if he wants to leave. Dhawal agrees and leaves. Suman and Natasha share an emotional hug. Amresh confronts Pranali, blaming her for provoking Bhavan. He warns her against causing further disputes and threatens to expel her if she continues to create trouble within the family. Amba smirks as she watches the drama unfold. Later, Amba instructs Chirag to persuade Dolly to delete the video not to tarnish the family's image. Chirag tries to defend Bhavan, but Dolly accuses him of being involved. Chirag suggests they leave the matter behind, and he manages to make Dolly smile by proposing a trip for them. Dolly agrees happily. In a night scene, Dhawal sneaks into Natasha's room to watch her. Natasha wakes up and is about to scream, but Suman wakes up and demands her stick, thinking there's a thief. Natasha panics, pushes Dhawal, and he falls to the ground.


In the precap of Pandya Store, Amresh plans a dahi handi ritual for himself, and Suman also expresses a desire to continue this age-old tradition. Meanwhile, Amba plots to create further trouble for Natasha.

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