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#Oscars: Is this Swaragini actor miffed with the Oscars?

Well, his facebook post indicates so!


The Oscars were held today and we sure had a field day with it. The constant updates of the nominees and the winners on social media made our morning even more better.

But looks like the happiness did not extend to many. And one of those is actors is Anuj Sachdeva who was last seen in Swaragini. Anuj posted something on his Facebook profile that will shock you but will make you re-read your post and think.

Read the post below.

We contacted Anuj for his take on the same but he did not answer our calls. 

Well, Anuj's questions do seem like something to ponder over, don't they? What are your views about Anuj's outburst? Feel free to express them in the comment section below.


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ChickenSoup 8 months ago Maybe because India is full of shit. Of course not every Indian is a slumdog but every Indian has the mentality of a slumdog. The safety of cows is more important to them than the safety of humans. Eating beef is considered a bigger crime than rape. Criminals walk around freely and some of them are hailed as heroes (Salman Khan and Narendra Modi) while rape victims suffer all kinds of problems and are labeled as outcasts. Perverted Indian men drool over women's pictures on facebook constantly asking them to send nudes. Minorities are being oppressed and killed because of their religion. Yes India is full of shit and should be showcased as it is.
Arpi1234 3 years ago What's the big deal in not winning an oscar... oscar is nothing but a hollywood award function... Got this from quora which was posted in 2014 according to which out of 65 movies from the starting of oscar award, only 5 Asian movies won best foreign film award where as Europe won 52, which shows everything... Does chinese people care whether their film won an oscar or not? They don't give it a damn to it.. .
Gandhi and slumdog millionarie won oscars because the directors were british, I am sure if those movies are directed by Indian directors they wouldn't have made it oscars forget about winning it
-DarkSlayer- 3 years ago First off, I don't agree with him and I think his outburst is unnecessary. I'm curious to know who exactly he's meeting that associates India with slums. People aren't stupid outside of India. They respect our culture and value it more than we do ourselves and do not see it as a country of "slums". I am yet to come across someone who says "Oh, so you're from the country with all the slums?" Rather, I get an excited response of "Oh my god, you're from the country of Bollywood!" or "Indian food is my favorite!". So again, I have no idea whose company he spends time in.

Secondly, the movies aren't nominated based on just their setting but rather their art direction, the story, the acting, and most importantly: the execution. Our country has a bond with poverty that Bollywood seems to ignore and these films bring to light. Bollywood tends to glamorise while Slumdog showed the truth as did various other films that were acknowledged by the Academy. The hardships people face in India when they can't afford things. If Bollywood tried to focus less on the international settings and the repetitive romantic plots with stupid dramatic twists we'd get more films being submitted. Correct me if I'm wrong but Lagaan was not about slums at all and focused on a more important part of our history. Not to mention that as a foreign film being submitted, it is not only limited to the movies pouring out of Bollywood/Mumbai but also movies in Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, etc.

To be fair, I do not understand his argument on the whole superheroes thing. I don't know what his comic book knowledge is but based on his words I don't think he's read anything besides watching the movies. Even then, Wolverine isn't part of The Avengers not because he's Canada born but rather because it's a legal issue of FOX vs Marvel Studios. The MCU does not have the rights to X-Men (whose rights belong to FOX Entertainment) and vice versa. The comic books cross over more than...
Reina1 3 years ago I agree with what he says about India being represented only through the slums, from Salaam Bombay to Slumdog and now Lion. It is a pity. BUT that being said, I don't necessarily agree that India is secular. Despite having such a religiously and culturally diverse population, discrimination is huge. Tell me why our films rarely depict the 'pahadi' cultures? Why do people Eastern India (i.e. Arunachal, Mizoram etc.) seem like such foreign entities to many Indians? Is it because they look different? Because that 'look' won't look good in Indian mainstream cinema? When the South is represented in Northern movies, there is always a stereotype of an Idli eating TamBram with a strong accent attached to it. And most importantly we are talking about a country where art suffers for petty political disputes, and people label it with nationalism. How is India any different from Trump when banning Pakistani artists for a reason entirely political? Now that being said, there is PLENTY of issues to be explored by Indian cinema other than slums. But Indian cinema is incredibly confused. They don't know whether they want to make masala films that run not on plot but big names? Or to make movies they hope will make it to the Oscars. If India developed its own identity in cinema, and produced more meaningful films that explore real issues like Hollywood does. Then I don't even see why we need the Oscars!2017-02-27 10:04:25
Shaina_b 3 years ago What he said is true!!!!

They love seeing India like this!!!!

--Amulya-- 3 years ago I absolutely agree with whatever he said. Din't we have many good movies which deserved Oscar prior to Slumdog, we did have on our culture, traditions, freedom fight and many more. Ar.R. Rehman too, is Slumdog his best, I would say that he had many scores better than that. Should we be happy that we somehow got an Oscar or should we be sad that we get Oscars only for the bad side of our country!! Once, I watched a video on yt where foreigners were interviewed on what do they know about India and many answered Slumdog, Is this what we've put to the minds of people around the world about out country!! Of course, I do know that they're ignorant people but its sad that the world has majority of them.
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