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On-screen rivalry spills off-screen on this Star Plus show!

All's not well between the protagonist and the antagonist of this much loved show.


In this day and age, when everyone harbours a strong desire to be successful, competition between two professionals in the industry is something that is totally inevitable. But what if this competition was to happen on the sets of the same show between two important individuals - the protagonist and the antagonist? Well, the work environment would go for a toss. 

That's exactly what happened on the sets of Star Plus' Meri Durga. 

As per reports in a leading daily, the protagonist Ananya Agarwal and the antagonist of the show Arishfa Khan, do not get along. The reports claim that the girls have started having problems with who is more popular, has more friends on the sets and has more social media followers. 

Hang on, if the girls weren't enough, their respective mothers have also joined in the competition bandwagon. The mothers create a scene if they feel that the other artist has been getting more screen space than their respective child. The report also mentioned how, during a recent outdoor shoot, Arishfa's mother demanded a car to travel in after learning that Ananya's mother (who was pregnant then), had been given a car by the production house.

When the daily got in touch with both the child artists' mothers, here's what they said - 

Ananya's mother did not reveal much but just the fact that both the girls had their respective set of friends and that there was no competition between the girls. She also maintained that there was no fight between Ananya and Arishfa and that they just did not get along well. 

Arishfa's mother, however, revealed that Ananya's mother would put her (Arishfa's mother) and her daughter down and point fingers at them for travelling in trains and that they were uneducated. Arishfa's mother also claimed that Ananya's mother had turned other child artists against Arishfa and that they had planned on discontinuing the show after being mistreated.

We guess both the warring parties should patch up as the show will soon be taking a leap. The girls are too young to indulge in the on-set cat fights. 


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Samaina12 3 years ago Arshifa khan isn't a great actress.her mom is just making a mountain out of mole hill.
I liked what ananya's mom said.
kavmuks 3 years ago Entered too early in the popularity race :D ..
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