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OMG! 'Ishq Mein Marjawan' actress Nia Sharma attacked by dogs!

She got attacked while shooting...


TV actress Nia Sharma, who is currently playing the role of Aarohi in popular Colors show Ishq Mein Marjawan' opposite Arjun Bijlani, recently went through an accident while shooting. Nia Sharma, who was shooting with co-actress Aalisha Panwar (Tara), was attacked by dogs. But thankfully, Nia escaped the accident with just minor scratches on her knees and arms.

All this happened when Nia & Aalisha were shooting for a scene in which they have to save themselves from 4 wild dogs. But, the situation took a drastic turn when Nia, while shooting for her solo shot, fell down on the road while running and the wild dogs attacked her. The wild dogs didn't bite Nia as they were trained but one of them scratched her badly due to which she started crying. She was then was taken to the vanity van where the doctor checked Nia and gave a tetanus injection to her.

Nia confirmed the incident & told an entertainment portal that, she fell and scratched her hands & knees after which one of the dogs jumped on her.

But, she is fine now & shot her other scenes on the same day of the accident. Whereas, the scene with dogs was then shot by Nia's body double.

Earlier this year, Kya Haal Mr. Panchaal' Reena Agarwal went through a similar incident when she was bitten by a dog ob her face while shooting for the Star Bharat' show. After the incident, Reena was replaced from the show as she was not able to shoot for more than two weeks due to her injury.

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