'OMG 2' director Amit Rai reveals folding hands in front of censor board for U/A certificate

In a recent interview, director Amit Rai shed light on the struggles they faced with the CBFC and their determination to make 'OMG 2' accessible to a broader audience.

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The much-anticipated release of 'OMG 2,' starring Pankaj Tripathi and Akshay Kumar, stirred up quite a controversy with the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). The film, which addresses the topic of sex education for teenagers, faced numerous challenges on its journey to the silver screen, including securing an 'adults only' certificate. In a recent interview, director Amit Rai shed light on the struggles they faced with the CBFC and their determination to make the film accessible to a broader audience.

Recalling their interactions with the censor board, Amit Rai shared talking to Bollywood Hungama, "I remember clearly that I folded my hands." He emphasized their commitment to a theatrical release, even though they had the option of going directly to an OTT platform, because they believed the subject matter deserved a wider audience. Rai explained, "I told them that you are doing the wrong thing because if this film goes on OTT… Like let’s assume I didn’t come to you for censorship, and if the producers had thought let this be… but we feel that this is for the theatrical audience that is why they have taken this risk."

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Despite their initial cooperation with the CBFC's requests, the filmmakers were unprepared for the extent of censorship they encountered. The board even asked for a shot from the original "OMG," released in 2012, to be removed when reviewing the teaser. When asked about the number of cuts they were instructed to make in the film, Amit Rai explained that they engaged in a back-and-forth process, trying to find a middle ground that both parties could accept. Expressing his frustration, he shared, 

"I started telling them through the media that 'sir, I am folding my hands that you please make this UA because the intention was such that the families watch it. You have defeated its purpose."

Rai also revealed that he had sent numerous messages to Prasoon Joshi, the CBFC chairperson, but had received no response. Despite the hurdles, the film has managed to spark discussions and intrigue among audiences, emphasizing the importance of addressing such crucial subjects on the big screen. 

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