Nyrraa M Banerji makes a shocking revelation; calls Gautam Gulati a co-star she hated

Nyrraa made a shocking revelation on Ruhi’s show and named Gulati as a co-star she hated. Read on to know more.

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Gautam and Nyrraa

Television sensation and model, Nyrraa M Banerji has made a shocking revelation. The actress was recently seen as a guest alongside Ruhii Singh on her Creator show Greatest of All Time with Ruhii Singh currently airing on Snapchat. The divas were seen challenging each other in a game of Gutsy Spill where for each question answered by a participant, the opponent has to drink or eat something daring.

The show, Greatest of All Time, starring former Miss India and the multi-talented actress Ruhii Siingh is about the actress challenging her friends with fun games based on their personality. The show explores various aspects of friendship, marked by sharing cherished memories and some exciting surprises. In the episode, while playing this daring game with each other, Ruhii asked Nyra to name her worst co-star.

To this Nyrraa Banerji of Divya Dristhi fame, made a startling confession as she named Gautam Gulati as her co-star she hated on-screen so far. It’d be interesting to find out the reason behind this revelation.

As reported exclusively by India Forums, Nyrraa and Gautam Gulati have shot for an upcoming music video.

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Ooo that's shocking
She used hate word for him

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