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Nupur returns to win over Anurag in Tere Liye!

Nupur returns in Tere Liye as a successful model and tries to get back her Anurag...

The current track of Star Plus's Tere Liye puts light on Anurag (Harsha Chopra) and Taani's (Anupriya Kapoor) coziness which had made audience a bit happy but soon a barrier between Anurag and Taani's increasing closeness will arrive.

"Soon Nupur (Neha Janpandit), who went off from Anurag's life when their relationship was on its verge to get strong with tying knots and left Anu alone, will make a comeback in the frame. Neha has already started shooting the show and her track will go on the floor by next week. Nupur will return back with success for which she left Anurag and went away from the family without informing anyone. Once Nupur is back she will see the scenario where Anurag is getting closer to Taani which will  make her disturbed, therefore she will not leave any stone unturned to get Anurag back from Taani, "informs source.

Adding to it our source elaborates more on the future track."Anurag who is now left the thought of getting back with Nupur due to her irresponsible behavior, will once again get caught in a dual state of mind to make a choice between Taani and Nupur. While on the other hand, Nupur will see to it that she gets back her Anurag at any cost," source asserts.

When contacted Neha, she confirmed about her come back. " Yes, Nupur will make a comeback soon."

Well that was a bad news for Anurag and Taani fans!

Author and Reporter: Tejashree Bhaoptkar


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sitakshii 9 years ago love harshad & anupriya soooooooooo much
very nice show
prachiramfan 9 years ago nupur shudnt cum bak plzzzzzzzzzzzz
love taanu onlyyyyyyyyy
ranbirkprfan1 9 years ago we don't want to see nupur back again..we want to see more taanu scenes!
aminaz 9 years ago the best show for sure in the 10 pm slot is our rocking show TERE LIYE
sitakshii 9 years ago love Tere Liye sooooooooooooooooooooooooo
sitakshii 9 years ago LOVE u loads Harshad -Anupriya
ur pair is the best pair !!!
sitakshii 9 years ago harshad-anupriya awesome in tere liye
love them so much
laali-G 9 years ago we want taanu only
i love you taanu.
best_punz 9 years ago sorry to say but m a harshad aditi loyalist i dont like the tanu pairing !!! miss premeer a lot!!
sitakshii 9 years ago the best show for sure in the 10 pm slot is our rocking show TERE LIYE
such a soulful & ethereal show !!
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