No war between Bani and Rajji

Shefali and Neha aka Rajji and Bani of Colors' Bani - Ishq Da Kalma react to the rumors and clarify about the same with us.

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Of lately it was rumored
that the two actress Bani (Shefali Sharma) and Rajji (Neha Bagga) of Colors show, Bani - Ishq Da Kalma share cold vibes. It was said that the duo can't see each other at all and had not been on talking terms after the shoot wraps up.
A source from the sets informed, "Well all is not well between the two actresses. After the shoot, they straight way head to their home without talking to each other. Things were not same earlier and the two of them shared a great rapport. Though now you can see some problems have started to crop up in their relationship."
Clarifying about the rumors actress Shefali Sharma states, "It's all lies and there is no such problem between us. We are very good friends, me Neha and Adhivk. In fact Adhivk (Soham) and Neha were at my place last night for the dinner. I don't know who is giving out these rumors."
Neha too agrees with Shefali and says, "Well that's the latest we are hearing. I think somebody from the sets is not very happy with all three of us and that's why these rumors are doing the rounds. Earlier I and Adhivk Mahajan were targeted and now it's me with Shefali."
Neha clearly denies the rumors and says that the two are very much talking to each other and everything is well on the sets, "Shefali to me is like my elder sister and is the only best friend I have here in Mumbai. Actually she was the first friend I made in this city and there are no problem going on between us. When all three of us are together, production house people go crazy (laughs)."
So it seems all is well between the two. Well we hope this friendship remains intact.


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-Red-Rose- 6 years ago Neha Bagga..U are the best!!:D
My only reason to bear the show!!!!!
SweetButSpicy 6 years ago Good stay friends forever...loving Soham and Rajji & Bani as well...
SmartyBoy_ 6 years ago Neha Bagga love you sweetheart...
angelic.pari 6 years ago I hope all is fine .. they are such good friends Smile
pink99 6 years ago I dnt think any problem is der.. Dis all R rumours.. Soji rocks... :-)2014-05-05 10:19:27
nami9j 6 years ago I really love the bond which neha bagga and shefali sharma have wid each other.. they look like best friends n sisters.. they r inseperable offscreen too.
Hope their friendship remains d same forever..
Stark_Wolf 6 years ago Neha bagga love u sweets !
U rock nd d only reason to watch d show:-D:-D
Sanam-rocks 6 years ago Neha Bagga so sweets u rocks best acting :)2014-05-05 07:24:35
-Anjaani- 9 years ago @desigirl2 YES he is, hope he get well soon and that i can see my PC smiling again:)
desigirl2 9 years ago aaawww!! her father is unwell?? Poor thing!! darling no worries! i will pray for ur father! im sure that he will b alright! Good luck Priyanka and dont lose hope sweetheart! Love ya loads! :)
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