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Nishant Malkhani: When love is true and genuine even two minutes spend with your beloved feels like eternity

Nishant Malkhani who is currently seen in The Rakshabandhan... Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhal talks more about what love means to him.

Published: Monday,Jan 10, 2022 10:20 AM GMT-07:00
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Nishant Malkani

.Love has many forms and one thing that is common among each is that when you love somebody you have to think beyond yourself, a feeling that comes from within, says Nishant Malkhani. The Rakshabandhan... Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhal actor talks more about what love means to him.

“Two independent people coming together and making a deal that from this point onwards you and I would do everything to bring out the best version of the other person out, that kind of emotional support is what I think is love. One should not or can’t be selfish in love. By selfish in this context means that one likes receiving love from somebody but the same person doesn’t want to make the effort to make the other person feel loved. Love means different things to different people at different stages of life… I think empathy and compassion are required right now in the world. I, myself, try to be nice to everyone I meet because no one is inferior or superior to you,” he says.

Many feel social media has blurred the lines between real and fake, making it hard to find love. “The images and videos that go out everyday showing people having fun, we have no idea what is actually going on behind the curtain. How does that person live, struggles he faces, how insecure he is or what he has lost… Social media is silly, and one should not ever trust that because what you’re seeing is the image that the other person is portraying and not the reality,” he adds.

Even if one falls in love, giving time these days becomes an issue. “It’s going to be an issue unless you’re trying your best. If your partner loves, respects and understands you and because of some genuine work-related issues you’re not able to give enough time I think the other person will understand. When love is true and genuine even two minutes spend with your beloved feels eternity,” he explains.

Love, for many, is an illusion. “I cannot scientifically prove anything, can only share my viewpoint. Love does exist and maybe it hits you once or twice in life, I don’t know. It hit me once, and that feeling never goes away even if that person is not around you. So when somebody seeks love advice, even though I’ve not done great in terms of love, I tell them that if your partner is giving you 10 at least give them 7 or 8 back. But if you’re giving back 2 then that balance of 8 will be managed one day or for a few days but soon it’ll pile up, and then that gets difficult. Both loving someone and being loved are important,” he says.

It is often said that celebrities are always chasing fame, and often don't have time or find true love. “There are some who would choose fame above love, and I wish that they find love in the long run someday. But more often than not God gives you options to choose what you want and sometimes we choose what we think we want and not what we actually need. It’s not wrong to be career oriented but not letting the other person, who loves you, know that your career is more important than love, is wrong. And the entire phenomenon has nothing to do with celebrities, it’s for all. Those who want love in reality, they find it and value the love when they get it,” he concludes.

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Nishant Malkhani

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