Nikita Sharma's new buddy in town - Foster!

Pretty and talented actress Nikita Sharma has got a new puppy ‘Foster’ and she loves to spend time with him in Mumbai. Nikita shares more about him in this conversation with TellyBuzz.

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The very popular and pretty actress Nikita Sharma, popularly known for playing Antara in Life Ok's popular show Do Dil Ek Jaan who stays far away from her family in Mumbai is happy these days as she has found a good company in Mumbai.

Nikita is a big time pet lover and she always wanted to have one with her here in Mumbai. Finally, she has got her beloved 'Foster' in Mumbai with whom Nikita loves to spend time with.

TellyBuzz spoke to Nikita to know more about her love for dogs and about her best friend Foster.

Nikita shares, "Being a big time dog lover, I have always had one in Delhi and I always wanted to keep one in Mumbai too. My friends always used to suggest me to have one but I couldn't because it's hard to take care of dogs when you are shooting. One day I went to take one puppy but I was still thinking being in state of dilemma whether to take one or not. Suddenly, he came and sat near to my feet. So, I decided to take him along with me. It's a white Golden Retriever. I always wanted to have a dog in Mumbai who can give me a good company. Now, I spend a lot of time with Foster and now I think that it's better to stay at home and spend time with Foster rather than going out and roaming around."

Talking about Foster, Nikita adds, "He is very nice and he pampers a lot. When I talk to him, he reacts so well as if he is listening to everything very carefully. He is full on entertainment for me and my friends too. He is very naughty and he jumps and sits on my bed and cuddles me  whenever I am sleeping. Foster keeps me so busy that now my friends ask me whether I can join them if I am free from Foster (laughs). He is just 50 days old and just like a small baby who needs a lot of care and needs to be pampered. I have to take him for vaccinations from time to time."

She further adds, "I am a big time dog lover since my childhood days. Having a dog also keeps one physically fit as at least 2 times a day; you go for a walk with the dog which is good for health. Now, I am having too much of get together with my friends too as he has become like a laadla for all of us and they come to meet Foster at my place. My friends have started calling me 'Foster Ki Didi' (laughs). I am enjoying the company of Foster a lot and it's good to have one like him here in Mumbai if you are staying away from your family."

Nikita also love Horses. She says, "I love Horses too and would love to have one with me but I can't have. I wish to have a farmhouse where I can keep one horse as my pet. I can only keep a dog as my pet as of now. They are little easy to handle and carry along. You can easily take puppies along with you in your car wherever you are going."

Have a great time with your Foster, Nikita!

Anwesha Kamal

Nikita Sharma Do Dil Ek Jaan  Life OK 

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AnjaliAnand 6 years ago Nikita Sharma love u sooo much
Come back soon dear
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manpreet87 6 years ago Awww Cutipie Foster...DogLover Nikita Sharma.. Love You Nikita Sharma
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ankusanu 6 years ago Love u Nikita Sharma
Miss U onscreen
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AnjaliAnand 6 years ago Foster is sooo cute. Love u Nikita Sharma
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Rasika9 6 years ago love u nikita always,n me also a dog lover,so lots of love for foster,keep smiling
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honeybees22 6 years ago Wow Nikita Sharma
Ur a big time dog lover amazing same here
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.Suchi. 6 years ago We all love u NIKITA SHARMA enjoy with ur new friend :))
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Niyaz_Lover 6 years ago Love you nikita..
foster is sooo lucky..he gets so much kisses and hugs from you..<3
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ankusanu 6 years ago Nikita Sharma stay happy n blessed wid foster ;))
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shilpakidewani 6 years ago He is so cute and Nikita Sharma is a darling
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