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Nia Sharma Talks Having Eating Disorders, Obsession With Weight Gain & Her Ideal Guy

The tale of being fit hasn't been a merry one for the actress as you may expect where Sharma has battled several problems over the years related to eating and weight gain


Actress Nia Sharma is certainly known for her 'bold' image as people call it and her inch-perfect fitness and sexiness amongst everyone. However, the tale for the actress hasn't been a merry one as you may expect where Sharma has battled several problems over the years related to eating and weight gain. In a chat with Bombay Times, the actress talked about it openly and even advised people not to commit the same mistakes that she did.

She highlighted how people see her as a fit person who has a good figure and that is because she has maintained it with rigorous hard work, However, there are psychological factors that can also make you gain weight and that is what happened with her too. She mentioned how in the past few years she would get obsessed even if she gained one kilo or would mildly get out of shape. It reached to an extent where she would end up starving herself and even if she would be overindulged in food at the rarest of times, she would begin to feel guilty about it. Owing to that, she would throw up whatever she ate and she practiced that for many years. She agreed that it was one of the worst practices she adopted. Her friends from the industry, Arjun Bijlani and Ravi Dubey explained to her that this is not healthy. As she would practice this she began to feel very weak on several instances and the fear of gaining weight led her to skip lunches and dinner and only have protein shakes. She advocated everyone to not follow this at all and even though work out is extremely important, it is not the only solution and you need a healthy diet along with it. She concluded saying she suffered an eating disorder but thankfully she is now over it.

On a parallel note, where the actress has always kept her personal life under wraps was asked about her ideal guy, she said she wants someone educated and mature who doesn't dictate her life and what clothes she should wear. She mentioned she wants a guy who will let her pursue her ambitions and stand by her side and have full faith in her. She concluded saying she would actually love to have an actor as a partner who would easily understand the erratic working hours and sense of fashion she has to adopt in this profession.

As known, on the career front, Sharma is all set to play the new Naagin in Naagin 4.

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