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Next Parvati of television - Noynikka Chakroborthy

Noynikka Chakroborthy is the new face on Star Plus debuting with the show Jahan Pe Basera Ho...

Published: Monday,Sep 22, 2008 11:42 AM GMT-06:00
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Noynikka Chakroborthy, the new face of Star Plus, is debuting with its new show Jahan Pe Basera Ho. The Bengali beauty is quite confident of being the next big bahu on screen. We have a tête-à-tête with the stunning beauty about her upcoming show and her dreams of making it big on small screen.

Next Parvati of television - Noynikka Chakroborthy
Noynikka has done few ads and music videos too. She had been doing theatre with the Hare Rama Hare Krishna group.

She was offered Balaji’s shows too but the actress did not take the venture. “I was offered two big shows of Balaji as parallel lead but I wanted to get in as a lead thus did not take it. I know I’m capable enough to handle the show as lead, thus took up Jahan.... In other words you can say that I’m the next Parvati and Tulsi,” says Noynikka.

Jahan Pe Basera Ho is the story of a middle-class family residing in Allahabad-the Sharmas. All the 13 members of the family live in a cottage on the banks of Allahabad called Hari Nivas. It was built by Hari Prasad Sharma, his wife Savitri and their three sons. A personal effort of their love, affection, hard-work and toil, Hari Nivas symbolizes and impersonates the character of Hari Prasad Sharma himself, in the show. It's this space of happiness & peace in Hari Niwas that all the members of Sharma family come together time & again, seeking comfort, like coming back in the arms of their own beloved member Hari Prasad … as their father, husband, mentor, a pillar to the family. 

Talking about the show she explains that, “Jahan Pe Basera Ho is a very different family drama where you’ll see the love between the family members, especially between the saas-bahu. Thus you can’t compare this show with other saas-bahu sagas.”

Elaborating on her character and similarities between the real and reel one she speaks, “Lakshmi is the newest member in the family and is very down to earth though being from a rich family. You can say that she is a silent immerge and never takes credit for doing good work for others.”
Talking about the similarity, “Well I’m also grounded like Lakshmi and am a very warm and loving person,” she adds.

The show will be aired at the time slot of 12.30, so are you not shifty about it? “Well if a show like Kumkum can do well in the afternoon slot, why can’t this? I’m confident enough that Jahan… will also gather high TRP’s”, she quips.

She feels to be lucky and is happy playing positive. “I was selected from those 5,000 girls who came for auditions. Definitely this show is a claim for fame to me and I want to continue doing positive roles for now. I feel it’s difficult to essay positive characters than negative”, says she.
Noynikka idolizes Madhuri Dixit and dreams to grow big like her in the industry. So have you tried luck in Bollywood? “Yes, I did but things didn’t work out. I was getting songs here and there but I have planned something else for me and today I’m happy,” she squeaks.

Whether she becomes Madhuri or not, let’s wait and watch whether she becomes the next big bahu after Parvati or Tulsi. The TRP’s will decide the fate of this actress and the show too!

The show Jahan Pe Basera Ho starts from 22 September at 12:30 pm on Star Plus..

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Anamika @Sakshi_Deewani 13 years ago hahahaha... wht a joke... u cannot be Parvati... no1 compares 2 her!!!! Sakshi is extra ordinarily talented.. gotta go a long long way 2 reach her, lady.. but still cant get up2 her... she is just da bestt!!!
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Lina @missy14 15 years ago i don't like her..the thing she does in movies is just to show too much skin and her acting is 0% !!
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shona_princess @shona_princess 15 years ago u cannot become like parvati!! she is senior and hardworking!
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
Dina known azz **Angel or Shaz @xAngelicANGELx 15 years ago well u cnt just say u r the nxt parvati/tulsi
it takes a lot of hard work 2 be the nxt tulsi or parvati!!! so after seening u r work i can call u the nxt tulsi or parvati.
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xarmaanloverx @xarmaanloverx 15 years ago hun with that over confident attitude u gonna be getting very far lol ..let along parvati or tulsi ...
=D x
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Jenifer @Jenifer. 15 years ago the next parvati or tulsi...that's stretching it a bit too far but still...best of luck!
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saba @luv_pavi 15 years ago nxt parvatii lol no wayyy impossiblee soundz like she is over-confident :((((( weelll thnxxx
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lala @Harshitipremeer 15 years ago no way but i m sure the most hot couple of all de sopas is our preemer n best series kis desh mein hai meraa dil n this women no way!
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Aparna @*dewdrop~pearl* 15 years ago The next parvathi and tulsi :S?! Well thats wat is the dream of every new commer on TV, but claiming at such an early stage that she IS the next parvathi and tulsi, dont u think is a bit wierd :S? Anyways, lets wait and watch and see what happens!
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Amu @amu682 15 years ago She played the role of Saniya in Kahin tho hoga... so it isnt her debut per se... it was surely a forgettable role esp when she considers herself to be the next Parvati and Tulsi... I think she is being too over confident.
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