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New Year Special: TV Celebs Share Their New Year Resolutions!

Resolutions are an integral part of New Year celebrations. Find out what your favorite celebs resolution/s are for the coming year...


Be it being more fit or spending more time with family, TV actors share their New Year resolutions!

Shivin Narang

I celebrate New Years with my family only. Every year I think of following a resolution but I just cannot do it. So I won't be making any New Year resolution.

Courtesy : Shivin Narang

Arun Mandola:

 I am planning to celebrate New Year at Lonavala and my New Year resolution will be to learn some new physical fitness Arts (Bored to do regular gymming). As an actor, I want to change my physical appearance because for many years I was not focusing on my fitness and I was not grooming my self. So now I will focus more and more on my physical appearance and fitness.

Courtesy : Arun Mandola

Aastha Chaudhary: 

I never make any resolutions as I tried once and twice but I couldn't follow it for more than a month. I just want that I am able to focus on work and health throughout the year. I am going to my hometown this year and I have called all my cousins and we have planned a bonfire and food and we will be celebrating this year together. We have also planned a picnic together with my grandparents and it's going to be fun. 

Courtesy : Aastha Chaudhary

Ansh Bagri:

 My New Year resolution would be focusing on fitness and taking care of myself and going ahead in my career and entertaining people, be it any medium. I am planning to go on a long road ride to Goa and Mangalore and enjoying nature with friends for a week.   

Courtesy : Ansh Bagri

Amal Sehrawat

This year, I have promised myself to balance my family life along with my professional life. Shooting is very important but spending quality time with family is more important I believe. So no more parties for me, all free time for family.

Courtesy : Amal Sehrawat

Rehaan Roy

I don’t really believe in New Year's resolutions. I am the kind of person who likes to change himself every day for the better. In 2020, I want to work more. I want to be busier than I have ever been to. At the same time, I would focus more on my healthy lifestyle and try to keep myself fitter than before. One more important thing that I learned in 2019 is how to be myself. Fakeness can be in trend these days, but I believe it can never be my style. So, In 2019, I tried to cut off all the negative situations and negative people around me, and I promise myself to be more of myself in 2020.  

Courtesy : Rehaan Roy

Jasmin Bhasin:

 My New Year resolution is not to be vulnerable and sensitive. I take everything so seriously. Emotionally, I want to be more strong. 

Courtesy : Jasmin Bhasin

Heital Puniwala: 

My New Year resolution is that I want to make more people happy around. And I want all those people to forgive me if I hurt them in the past. Also, I would like to prove myself as a celebrity star in the next year. I want to be like Mr. Amitabh sir. Also this year I will achieve my highest goal in this industry. This year, I will celebrate by giving to needy people rather than hoping to parties. I want to use my energy and money by helping needy people. 

Courtesy : Heital Puniwala

Rakhi Vijan: 

My New Year resolution is to lose weight. I try but I am not able to. I am going to really try this year and spend more time with my parents. I love going on holiday and spending time and spreading happiness. 

Courtesy : Rakhi Vijan

Mohsin Khan: 

I know it sounds cliche, but I will be getting fitter next year. I am renewing my gym membership and have also got a new cycle. Swimming is my first love and so I want to head back to the pool.

Courtesy : Mohsin Khan

Ssharad Malhotra: 

I will celebrating New Year with my wife and some close friends in Turkey. My New year resolution is that in 2020, I will lead a healthier lifestyle (better sleeping and eating patterns) work harder and devote some quality time to my family too.

Courtesy : Ssharad Malhotra

Vijayendra Kumeria: 

My New Year resolution for 2020 is to save energy and also spread awareness of the same which can help us fight the big issue of Global warming. I will be celebrating the New Year with very close friends and probably have a house party or a get together as I don’t enjoy crowded pubs and clubs. I am going to let myself free and eat all my favorite dishes and desserts for that day.

Courtesy : Vijayendra Kumeria

Rahul Sharma

I will be working on my health and will try to be in shape, I will be more ribbed. I will try to meditate regularly. I also want to travel abroad for sure in 2020 and will also be exploring different cities in India. I will be connecting with my old friends and family. I will be spending New Year's eve with my family, doing pooja and having a house party.  If I will get 2 days off, then I will go out of Mumbai and will celebrate it with my close friends.

Courtesy : Rahul Sharma

Aniruddh Dave

My resolution is to complete my advance intense acting course from the New York film academy. I will also write more poems and will try to be vegan. As such, I have no plans for New Years yet. I would love to be with my family and a few friends. Mere Liye Sirf calender badalta hai, celebration tab karenge jab mera Samay badlega.


Courtesy : Aniruddh Dave

Happy 2020, people.

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Shivin Narang

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