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Neeraj Gaba: The Craziest Wedding I Went to Was A 6 Day Affair!

Image consultant and grooming expert, Neeraj Gaba shares details about his new show, MX Players’ Shaadi Fit, which will also see actress and fitness enthusiast Mandira Bedi…


MX Player's newly launched couple reality show, Shaadi Fit showcases the eye-opening and adventurous journey of four couples who want to be fit for marriage. The show features actress and fitness enthusiast, Mandira Bedi along with Image consultant and grooming expert, Neeraj Gaba.

Neeraj who was also part of MTV’s India’s Top Next Model got candid about his new show and shared some amazing thoughts on marriage and more!

What is Shaadi Fit about?

The show Shaadi Fit is all about as the word says, how fit are you to get married. So, when we say how fit you are to get married, it just doesn’t define how well prepared you are for your wedding day but also mean how prepared you are to get married. So, it basically prepares you for your wedding in terms of your personality, looks but also goes ahead and it's an inside out kind of phenomena that is being developed through the show. 

We prepare you for marriage because marriage is about a lot of commitment, self-learning and couple learning. It encompasses all of that and the best thing about the show is that we have real-life couples who are to be married. Some couples are just a year old while some has completed seven years, somebody has come along with their entire families while some are just with their partners.

What role are you playing in the reality show?

I have mentored all the four couples in terms of their emotional intelligence, in terms of their outlook on the outside, personality, and how they should be with each other. We all feel that communication is the key to relationships but that is where we all kind of lack as well.

According to you, what makes two people compatible for marriage?

 At the end of the day, we are all human beings and we all are very different. Everybody is unique in their own ways. So, to go ahead and say that there is a set definition of compatibility will be unjust to human beings. Like every human being is unique, similarly, every couple is unique. Something works for one couple while something else works for some other couple. So, if you ask me what is the magic mantra of being a couple and being together, the essence comes out to be communication. Talk to each other on whatever it is!

What do you think of big fat Indian weddings?

The people who have the moolah to go ahead and spend on it, that’s good enough for them, they should go ahead and spend but it should not become a norm. Somebody who is not being able to do it then the family or the bride and groom should not be seen as ‘Oh, you had a very simple wedding’. 

Can you tell us about the weirdest or offbeat wedding you have been to?

The craziest wedding I went to was a six-day wedding thing, which was a destination wedding. I don’t know how the bride and groom coped up with it because, by the end of it, I needed a vacation to get over it. I think in those six days, they had around thirteen functions and for me it became more of a torture because how many looks do you carry when they send you an invite for a destination wedding - for this function you have to wear this attire and for that function you have to wear this and I’m like, Okay! You two are getting married not me! At the end of the day, everybody was together and we had a good time.


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