Nandish Sandhu joins the fight against drugs

The Veer of Colors’ Uttaran expresses equal sympathy towards young drug addicts even in real life..

Veer aka Nandish Sandhu, the sweet chocolate boy of Colors' popular serial Uttaran has put a step forward to help many more people like 'Vansh' who are suffering from 'Drug Addiction' in real life too.

Nandish strongly feels that the drug addicts ratio especially amongst the youth is rising at a very high pace and as a responsible citizen he has been rigorously working on his 'Say NO To Drug' campaign from past a month now.

"Yes, I really feel that this issue needs special attention because it has gripped many youngsters and this needs to be handled on a much individual level. I had also been to Delhi on March 21st and recently on April 3rd wherein we visited JIMS college, DLF mall and we conducted best slogan contest. We stopped over rehabilitation centers to spread awareness", conveyed Nandish.

When asked whether the track of his present serial motivated him to fight for this issue he swiftly replied, "No actually it's a mere coincidence that a similar track was worked out in the serial. Actually, some months back one of my very close friends expired due to drug addiction. Seeing the pain he was going through when alive and then the trauma that his family experienced after his death it just shook me from within and directed me to take this step." 

Nandish at present is working as a one man army but aims to grow his campaign into a fully fledged institution very soon. "Certainly, I'm planning to get myself associated with a NGO working against drug addiction and I'm also trying to involve other television as well as bollywood celebrities in this campaign in due course of time. And when we proceed with it my team of Uttaran will be approached first," he says.

But as of now Nandish is fighting towards the drug addicton issue through a socializing platform, called SMS GupShup, wherein people who wish to support him could just send a SMS- JOIN NANDISH to 092195 92195.

So as Nandish is utilizing his television stardom for a social cause we hope that he receives utmost support and also helps in depreciating the drug addicts' ratio in our country.

Reporter and Author: Pooja Shenoy. 

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ofcourse he is icha's lover,he should do smthing n w r all with u

14 years ago

nandish bhai rocks. day 1 he is shown he is a normal human being and enjoys life. he is cares for others. As i know him, I feel proud he took this step. Great Job Bhai.

14 years ago

go bang for it Veer...
itz really a very noble cause..
great going...gud luck and v r wit u 4ever

14 years ago

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