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'Naagin 5' Premiere: Highs & Lows Of The First Episode

A reminder of how the entire Naagin franchise is and has always been about the suspension of disbelief so I won't be trying to intellectualize it and only judge what happens in Naagin world. Here are the Highs and Lows-


The most successful supernatural franchise on Indian TV saw quite a lot many first-evers tonight and that alone is quite commendable. Probably being the only fiction show to be following the format of seasons, the show also became the first-ever to enter a new season continuing from the last one. The premiere of Naagin 5 was more so still the 2nd part of Naagin 4 finale but just about in the last few minutes, it became the premiere of Naagin 5.

So, once again, a reminder of how the entire Naagin franchise is and has always been about the suspension of disbelief so I won't be trying to intellectualize it and only judge what happens in Naagin world. Here are the Highs and Lows-


In a world that continues to seem rather bizarre to many out there and is pretty much dependant on even the finest actors doing OTT acting, there is a rare opportunity to have someone manage to make it more believable than others. That undoubtedly is actor Anita Hassanandani. Incidentally also the only fully negative character in the show, Hassanandani also is forced to go over the top every time with Vishaka but it is indeed her acting prowess that she manages to make it a lot more believable than others. Kudos to her indeed.

The entries, or should I say, the re-entries were indeed a lot of fun, especially for the ardent Naagin fans out there. Both Adaa Khan aka Sesha and Surbhi Jyoti aka Bela were given quintessential heroic entries and belonging to this world, they truly deserved it.

Hina Khan's entry as AdiNaagin was actually well thought out and while none of these plot points require us to think too much or even find logic in it, credit has to be given to the makers and writers for not only managing to plan a good segway of Season 4 to Season 5 but also keeping the scope of another reunion of all the naagins.


Granted that Season 4 was undoubtedly the franchise's worst so far. That was rather evident in the numbers the show fetched and even before pre-lockdown times, the show barely managed to just stay in the list somehow. However, that I feel did not justify not giving Nia Sharma aka Brinda any sort of moment or arc to end her story with. In both parts of the finale, she only ended up being a sorry and rather vulnerable naagin who literally knows nothing and is entirely clueless. If you notice, over the three seasons, every naagin, even at her most vulnerable is given some big moment to savor but Brinda ended up with nothing and is now just listening to Adinaagin's story.

While it indeed was a good segway in its essence, the whole rahasya mandir sequence extremely stretched. With the first commercial break coming after 30 odd minutes, the scene indeed felt too dragged. Also, there were two tandavs in the episode, both unimpressive and, in fact, unintentionally funny to watch.

Which moment did you love or hate the most from the premiere episode of Naagin 5?

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IF_ki_Ammi 1 months ago Hina dragged down the show with her expressionless face and absurd voice modulation
Priya258 1 months ago Well balanced review. I do agree with 4 points. 1st,Anita is really fabulous. 2nd,Surbhi Jyoti's entry was just superb and Sesha's as well. 3rd,Injustice has been done with Brinda's character.Although I haven't watched N4 untill this N4 finale still I feel her character didn't get proper closure. 4th,tandav was shot from really weird angle. Hina Khan's entry as Adi Naagin didn't make any strong impact to me. I am not looking forward to watch N5.
mansaf 1 months ago Ekta Keeps filling the peoples head with BS**s. What a shame.
ALUJNA21 1 months ago Surbhi and Adaa for me were the saviour.
vinnas 1 months ago SJ, Adaa, Shivji Tandav 😍Saving Graces To the Finale 😎
Pinkycharm 1 months ago Exactly Nia and VJ are great actors But Mulhta’s bad storyline , weak screenplay portray Brinda as a stupidest , and dumbest Naagin who even cant took her revenge . So sorry for both of them . Ekta wasted both the superb actors . Their chemistry was amazing but writer of N4 was the worst thing happens to Naagin franchise . Now Hina’s expressionless face is getting on my nerves . Hopefully creatives work on storyline and also the cast like Asha Negi , Jennifer because Franchise needs strong NaaginS and great mature experienced actors . Hopefully Mukhta work on storyline and tried not to portray lead Naagins as brainless creature .
Neonholic 1 months ago It was an unimpressive premier for me. Total dragfest. Disappointed. Will rate it 5/10 that too only for Sj,Nia,Adaa,Anita and Lord Shiva's Tandav.
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