My Style Quotient Tulip Joshi

Interview with Tulip Joshi

Q: What is your definition of fashion?
A-Fashion is attiring yourself in something which you feel looks good as well as what you are comfortable in. It should reflect your personality not sum one else’s.

Q: Where do you mostly shop from?
A-I shop from abroad and a few places in Mumbai

Q: Any specific brands you prefer?
A- La Perla, Armani, Miss 60, Versace

Q. While at home, you mostly wear
A- A simple t-shirt and a pair of comfy pants or shorts

Q- Your gym wear is like…..
A- A cool trendy halter and matching shorts or track pants. I don't gym much and mostly exercise at home at my mini gym.

Q. Do you go for the formal look at times?
A-Yes when the occasion demands for it, definitely. I have a great collection of formal clothes

Q. What's your casual look like?
A- A mix and match of trendy and quirky!!

Q- What do you prefer for evening wear?
A- A simple and a cool shirt with a well fitting pair of jeans and maybe a scarf!

Q-What about night wear?
A- Mostly formal clothes, something feminine and elegant.

Q: Do you adorn yourself with accessories?
A-Not much actually, just a few pieces here and there. Maybe an eye catching scarf or a piece of jewellery.

Q: Which brand do you favor for footwear?
A-No such specific brand.

Q- What are the make up products that you prefer to use?
A-Mascara by L’oreal, blush by Christian Dior, lip balm by Body Shop

Q: Which is the latest perfume that you bought?
A- Bvlgari, Dior

Q: Brand you prefer for lingerie?
A- La Perla

Q: Which colours do you think are a must in a wardrobe?
A- All colours as long as they suit you!

-Sneha Hazarika (SAMPURN)

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