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My story was not told in 'Dus Kahaniya' proper way: Masumi Makhija

For Sanjay Gupta's favorite heroine Masumi Makhija, the year 2007 was not a good one by any means. During the entire year, only one film of Masumi- 'Dus Kahaniya' was released and that too did not do well at the box office.

Published: Friday,Feb 01, 2008 17:04 PM GMT-07:00
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For Sanjay Gupta’s favorite heroine Masumi Makhija, the year 2007 was not a good one by any means. During the entire year, only one film of Masumi- ‘Dus Kahaniya’ was released and that too did not do well at the box office. Now, she is back again in Sanjay Gupta’s new film ‘Alibaug’ and this will be Masumi’s first release in 2008. Recently, we caught up with Masumi and had a lengthy talk on her films, future and personal life.

Q: What are you busy with these days?
A: Currently, I am busy with the shooting of a film with my sister Shona Urvashi in Pune. At the same time I am busy with the shoot of ‘Alibaug’.

Q: Tell us something about Sanjay Gupta’s next film ‘Alibaug’.
A: Frankly speaking, I don’t like to reveal anything about a film before its release. And anyways, ‘Alibaug’ will release in September 2008, so if I tell you all about the film now, what will you write about it later?

Q: Well, this film has several artists , so do you think that you will get particular notice in ‘Alibaug’?
A: I personally am of the opinion that each actor and role has its special identity. Whether there are two, 10,000 or even 50,000 people in a film, each one has his or her special place and identity. In fact every thing depends on the casting and in this film the casting has been done in a beautiful manner. As you are aware that ‘Alibaug’ is based on the idea of friendship, here every actor has a scene with another. And each actor is in a pair.

Q: We have heard that Sanjay Gupta has completed the remaining part of the shooting too. What is the truth in this?
A: It is difficult to say how much truth is there in this,
My story was not told in Dus Kahaniya proper way: Masumi Makhija
but all that I can tell you is that Sanjay Gupta has not yet completed the shooting of the entire film. I think he is now busy with the shooting of ‘EMI’ and I hope that once he is done with the shooting of ‘EMI’ he will commence the shooting for the remaining portions of ‘Alibaug’. Presently, I cannot tell you anything more than this.

Q: We have also come to know that the tuning between Sanjay Gupta and Sanjay Dutt is not good now. What do you have to say on this?
A: Look, professionally both of them are on good terms and talk properly. Being on the set, I find that their relation is as good as ever. However, I am not aware if they have any problems regarding their business aspect. I personally think that they don’t have any problem with each other.

Q: In addition to ‘Alibaug’, you have signed another film with Sanjay Gupta. Tell us something about it.
A: Actually, I have a three-film contract with Sanjay Gupta. While ‘Dus Kahaniya’ was the first film, ‘Alibaug’ is the second one and the third one is yet to be titled. Now we are working on the story of the third film. When I was doing ‘Dus Kahaniya’ I did not know that I will be doing ‘Alibaug’ with Sanjay Gupta. But he liked my acting in ‘Dus Kahaniya’ and signed the three-film contract with me so that he doesn’t have problems in getting my dates later.

Q: Now, I would like to talk about your previous film ‘Dus Kahaniya’. Many people have told us that the story you were in ‘High on the Highway’, was beyond their comprehension…
A: Well, I don’t know why the audience could not follow the story of the film. Many a times, a lot depends on the way a story is presented. May be the story of ‘High on the Highway’ was not presented in a proper manner and so the audience may have had some problems in understanding it. The second reason may be that the film was a psychological one and the people failed to comprehend its story in 10 minutes.

Q: Last time you had said that you were planning to learn aircraft flying. What is the progress on this front?
A: Now I am busy with my shooting, so where is the time to learn flying? So far I have collected information that there is a flying club near Baramati and I intend to learn flying there. I have not been to the place, but have learnt that in Baramati they don’t teach flying commercially, but it is on a personal level.

Q: You had said that flying the aircraft was your New Year resolution. But the way you are getting busy with films, do you think you can keep this resolution?
A: I hope that I will be able to keep my resolution. I am trying hard and now let’s see what happens in future. Anyways, I feel that whatever is happening to me is happening for the better.

Rajnee Gupta (Sampurn) -(SAMPURN)

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