“My injury did not limit me” - Urvashi Dholakia on getting hurt on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa sets

Though Urvashi seems to be a private person, her life is like an open book. This book’s new chapter of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa had given her yet another challenge to face.

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Urvashhi Dholakia

Urvashi Dholakia has successfully created a very special image of a strong lady in the minds of his fans, family and friends. They always know her as a tigress who can roar loudly and overcome any difficult situation.

Though Urvashi seems to be a private person, her life is like an open book. This book’s new chapter of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa had given her yet another challenge to face. Recently, while rehearsing for the second-week episode act, Urvashi “Cracked” her toe.  Sharing about the painful incident, she said, “It was like any other normal rehearsal day; we were trying to polish a few steps of the song. I was a little nervous & excited, so by the time I got to the second lift, my excitement level wouldn’t go down. In the heat of the moment, during the second lift, I landed on my toe. At that point of time, I was in excruciating pain,” Urvashi added. 

The rehearsal had to be stalled, and the physiotherapist onboard immediately came rushing to the room. “She looked at it and at that point, I was told it was like an impact injury, and I should ice it and rest it out; we did a lot of icing, and I was suggested to do the same after I go back home. Obviously, rehearsals were cancelled. By the next morning, my toe was completely black and blue, even from below, and I knew there is something wrong because this wasn’t normal. That's when I decided to go and see the Doctor,” Urvashi said while giving more details of the incident. 

“I was just worried and was hoping it was nothing major like a fracture. Unfortunately, we got an X-ray done immediately, which showed two minor cracks (laughs),” she continued.  


Any other doctor would suggest complete rest in such a case, but Urvashi’s doctor is also her friend ( Dr. Nilay Shah ), who knows how important Jhalak is to the actor. “He just looked at me and said, alright then, whenever you are going for your rehearsals next, I am coming with you, and he did come with me for the six hours of rehearsal time,” Urvashi revealed. “He was watching me like a hawk, he had completely taped my toe up. The reason for not doing a plaster was because we had a water act and that wouldn’t have been possible, so we were constantly tapping it up and keeping a toe in place,” the actress said about rehearsing with injury. 

On why she decided against taking a break, Urvashi stated that it was never an option. “When you take a break from a show like this, it means it’s the end of your journey as simple as that. The format of the show also doesn’t allow that, I suppose. My point is that one injury is not going to make me weak and stop before I even begin! It is how I've always been, very strong-willed. If it was too much, I would have probably opted out. But it was something I was able to handle with a lot of taping & protection around my toe and obviously under complete observation of my doctor & the doctor onboard on the sets, my own doctor,” she explained.  

Did the injury hamper her in any way during practice? Not really, says the actress. “My injury did not limit me; it's just limited me to certain moves and movements. Obviously, with two cracks in my toe, I have still pulled an entire water act well. That says a lot by itself. In normal life yes, I can't wear my heels (laughs), which I love wearing. I don’t want to really go out, so I limit myself from home to rehearsals and back home. I am not exerting myself in any other manner and just letting it to heal. For me, healing is more important because all of my wishes to wear heels and be out & about can happen later on too. My focus and priority is only Jhalak for now! In the next two weeks I can go out and wear heels,” she concluded a light-hearted tone.

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