"My Father Pointed a Gun on Me. I Cleaned Toilets": When Vinod Khanna Revealed about the Crucial Moments of hi

On Vinod Khanna’s 3rd Death Anniversary, here's looking at the time the superstar revealed about his life post leaving stardom in 1982 when he was at the peak of his career. He walked away from the film and shifted to Rajneeshpuram to explore spirituality with Osho...

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Vinod Khanna

Legendary actor Vinod Khanna who gave the world of Hindi cinema some remarkable movies, left for heavenly abode on April 27, 2017, after giving a tough fight to Cancer. A few months before the superstar passed away, it was reported that he had been fighting the advanced stage of bladder cancer.

Born on October 6, 1946 in Peshawar, Pakistan, Vinod started off his career as a villain but later became a hero. There was one point of time when he was considered as a superstar of the Hindi film industry.

Vinod Khana

Talking about his debut film and what followed when he broke he news to his father:

Vinod kick-started his career with the film Man Ka Meet (1968) which was produced by Sunil Dutt and directed by Adurthi Subba Rao. In this film, he played the character of the main antagonist. Excited for grabbing a role in one of top producer's movie, Vinod couldn't wait to get back home and break the news to his father, Kishanchand Khanna.

As soon as he reached home, he directly went to his father and told him the role he received from Sunil Dutt. But, destiny had some other plans for him at that point and things didn't turn out the way he wanted them to. Upon hearing the big news, Mr. Kishanchand Khanna lost his cool and he got so angry that he pointed a pistol at Vinod and said: “If you went into movies, I will shoot you.”

Apparently, Vinod’s father wanted him to be a businessman!

Vinod Khanna Amitabh Bachchan

As the saying goes, time heals all wounds! Something similar happened with Vinod and with time he became on the of the most successful superstar of the Hindi cinemas. Throughout the country, he was known as one of the most handsome men in the industry. He was also considered to be the biggest rival of Amitabh Bachchan. The two superstars worked together in films like Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, Parvarish and Amar Akbar Anthony. 

But, as he was at the peak of his career, destiny designed another route for him.

Vinod Khanna Osho
Osho News

When Vinod was at the peak of his career, he walked away from films and jpined spirituality:

It is being said that Vinod is the only actor who took retirement when he was at his peak. In 1982, leaving behind all the worldly pleasures of life, he walked away from the film industry to explore the world of spirituality. He went to Osho’s ashram at Rajneeshpuram Ashram in Oregon, USA and upon reaching there he spent most of his time cleaning dishes and working in the gardens there.

In an old interview with TOI, he had said, “I was Osho's mali: I am one of the few Indians to have stayed with Osho in Rajneeshpuram, the city he built in America. I spent four years with Osho. I was his gardener, I cleaned the toilets, I did the dishes, and his clothes were tried out on me because we were, physically, of the same stature.''

Vinod Khanna Amrita Singh
Amar Ujala

Vinod's personal life was full of Ups and Downs:

Vinod was also reported to having an affair with Amrita Singh. However, he later married Geetanjali. Vinod lost his mental balance due to his loneliness after his divorce with Gitanjali and later married Kavita Daftari in 1990. Kavita and Vinod have a son Sakshi and a daughter Shraddha. Apart from being an actor, Vinod was also a producer and an active politician.

Before his spiritual break, Vinod Khanna had given a lot of hits including Amar Akbar Anthony, The Burning Train, Mere Apne. He made a return to the industry in 1987 and was welcomed with open arms and starred in a lot of hit movies like Satyamev Jayate, Hulchul, Dabangg.

He also went on to become a politician and had quite a successful career in politics as well. Sadly he passed away on 27th April 2017 in a Mumbai hospital, but his legacy carries on with all the amazing roles that he did.

He was a member of the BJP and also served as union minister of state for tourism and culture as well as external affairs.

Vinod Khanna Madhuri Dixit Kiss
Orissa Post

Vinod and Madhuri Dixit’s film Dayavan had an intimate scene between the two. After the film’s release, Madhuri and Vinod were heavily criticized for this scene. At that time Vinod was 20 years older than Madhuri. The film hit the headlines for a kiss scene between the two.


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