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My Father is a Living Legend says Amit Kumar

The man who lived like a king and died like one -Amit Kumar in an exclusive interview about his father Kishore Kumar. Read to know more about the singing legend from his son.

Published: Friday,Jan 25, 2008 16:12 PM GMT-07:00
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Amit Kumar, the son of the living legend Kishore Kumar and Judge on K for Kishore talks about his father, about the reality show and much more...

There are so many singing reality shows on television. So what’s different about this show?

It’s a commemoration to my father. That’s what’s different about the show. We are going back to his era of music and its all about one of the greatest artists who lived in this tinsel town and ruled it. The contestants are trying to relive his songs.

So are you all looking for a singer like Kishore or a Kishore clone?

Neither, because in my opinion nobody can ever be like him.

Do you seriously think that we can find another Kishore Kumar?

Never. There can never be another Kishoreda. We cannot expect to find a singer like him not only for the next two hundred years, but the next two thousand years.

Do you feel the singers are doing justice to the Kishore Kumar songs?

Well they are not perfect, but at least they are making an effort. And there quite a few singers who are pretty good like Nayan, Arnab, Apurva. Suhas is also good but he needs to practice some more.

Who among these singers comes close to Kishore Kumar, not just as a singer but in all the attitudes?

Well we haven’t finished a lot of episodes so there is still a lot of time to judge the fact as to who comes close to being like Kishoreda. And as I said there a lot of singers who are quite good. Naturally they can’t be like him but I think so far one singer who comes closest to him would be Nayan.

Which song do you think composed in recent times could have been sung better by Kishore Kumar?

Well nowadays there is more noise in the songs than there is music. And I think my father has done all kinds of music, so he would definitely be able to render any composition in recent times better than anyone else.

Can you share with us some of the memorable moments you shared with your father? Any tidbits on him, or any unforgettable incident?

There are innumerable memories I have shared with him. He was a very simple and down to earth man and his biggest plus point is that he was never proud in spite of being so famous and because of which he is immortal till today. There a lot of funny and emotional moments we have shared together for instance there was an incident that happened while we returning from a shoot in Kashmir to . It was the shooting of the movie Dur Ka Rahi and he wanted to go to Haridvar. So he took the entire unit along with him and we went there and he did the ganga snan and the pujas after which we proceeded towards Rishikesh. In Rishikesh there was a small market where all the old women were selling condiments and curios. So my father asked one of the old ladies what was she selling to which she replied saying she was selling rice, dal, chana etc. Then pointing to one particular bag he asked her what it was and she replied it was masur dal. Hearing the words masur dal he suddenly decided we should go to Mussorie. This just shows he was a very unpredictable and spontaneous man.

And how was it singing with Kishore Kumar the legend?

Oh it was great. He was a fantastic man and after all he was my father. I enjoyed 35 years of my life that I spent with him. It was tremendous and we shared some unforgettable moments.

Which is your favorite Kishore Kumar Song?

There are again a myriad of songs and it’s very difficult for me to say which one is my favorite. He has sung a different genre of songs in each era. Some of his own compositions are beautiful like Chotta sa ghar hoga badalo ki Chaav mein from Naukri, Kooein mein kud jana yaar, tum shaadi mat karna from Parivaar, songs from Baap re Baap, and a whole lot of other comedy songs.

So are you creatively satisfied with your career?

I am completely satisfied. There is nothing more I could ask for in life. I made a place and name for myself in this industry and have rendered so many hits. At the age of fifty five I am still singing, performing for stage shows. I have no regrets in life.

Reporter and Author: Melanie

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Vijaya @vallanki 15 years ago ThanQ...nice to know more about kishore kumar
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not telling!!! @april19 15 years ago you know what? this guy seemed pretty obnoxious here.. maybe its just in this one article, but he really made me annoyed..

thanks for the article!
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Ahmed @Too_Much 15 years ago kool.. lekin you should also try to make some know of yours ..
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Sanya Khan @sunsilk 15 years ago Amit Kumar just rides on his father's success in my opinion. Nice interview though.
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OMkar @omkar.dandekar 15 years ago Amitda, I agree that there can NOT be another Kishoreda again. But you, Mr. Amit Kumar are surely a replica of your father's voice and has same capacity of singing all types of songs with same perfection like your legendary father! Its just a bad luck of Bollywood, which could not use your talent!!

- OMkar.
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