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Movie of the Month - Rocky Balboa on Star Movies...

The greatest Underdog story of our time, is back for one final round...Tune into the Movie of the Month, ROCKY BALBOA this Saturday, June 7th, at 9pm on Star Movies...

Published: Wednesday,Jun 04, 2008 22:23 PM GMT-06:00
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Over 30 years ago, ‘Rocky’ became the Academy-award winning movie of 1976. And then, Rocky got back in the 21st Century and took the world by storm. This June, Star Movies brings back the itallian stallion into your living room! Catch Sylvester Stallone with his most beloved character as Star Movies premieres ‘Rocky Balboa’ on Saturday, June 07 at 9 p.m.

Movie of the Month - Rocky Balboa on Star Movies...
His was the classic underdog story. 30 years ago Rocky Balboa was working for a small time hustler on the South Side of Philadelphia. When he landed the chance to enter the ring against reigning champ Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), it was a million-to-one-shot. His courage and perseverance, both in life and in the ring, gave hope to millions. Now his glory days are behind him and Rocky Balboa (Stallone, Rambo), the one-time Italian Stallion, spends his evenings telling old stories to the patrons of his restaurant, Adrian's, named after his late wife. His son, Robert Jr. (Ventimiglia, Heroes) is too busy to spend time with his dad.

When a virtual computer game suggests Rocky Balboa would defeat the current world champion Mason Dixon (Antonio Tarver) in a showdown, Dixon challenges Rocky to a 10-round exhibition bout. Although the odds are stacked against him, Rocky agrees to step out of retirement and take on a fighter who is faster, fitter and 30 years his junior.

“What gives Rocky Balboa its unexpected pathos is the titanic humility of Stallone's performance, the earnestness with which he plays a man knocked down (but not out) by the ravages of time.” – Scott Foundas, LA Weekly

Catch the heart-pounding “Movie of the Month”… Rocky Balboa on Saturday, June 7th at 9 p.m, exclusively on Star Movies.
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RandomSquared @RandomSquared 15 years ago milo Ventimiglia is in it!! i love himm i saw the movie jus for him lol.
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