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Most Romantic Dialogues of Hindi Movies

As the whole world will be celebrating love on the Valentine's Day, we thought we should highlight some of the most romantic dialogues of the Hindi movies.

Published: Sunday,Feb 15, 2009 19:44 PM GMT-07:00
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Most Romantic Dialogues of Hindi Movies

Almost all the Bollywood flicks are centered around love and friendship.  We watch these movies for fun and entertainment but most of all, don't we all also watch them so we can memorize those romantic dialogues to impress our lovers?  As the whole world will be celebrating love on the Valentine's Day, we thought we should highlight some of the most romantic dialogues of the Hindi movies.  If you want to use them this Valentine's to impress your sweetheart, make sure you add in a little bit of your flavor!!

Many old couples will be celebrating the Valentine's Day, but many people will be confessing their love as  well so this dialogue is dedicated to all the new couples we'll see after this Valentine's.  "Itni shiddad se maine tumhe paane ki koshish ki hain...ki har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki sazish ki hain. Kehte hain ki agar kisi chiz ko dil se chaho to puri kaynath usko tumse milane ki koshish main lag jaati hai."  The movie Om Shanti Om definitely got its share of success, we sure hope that you will get success in love as well!

If Valentine's  Day is a day to celebrate love, it's also a day when a lot of hearts are broken!  Sometimes the couple loves each other, but it's some other problem that's getting in the way.  If you need help on convincing your sweetheart that together you will face all challenges, a beautiful dialogue from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham is at your service!  "Toh kya hua agar hamare raste alag alag hain? Hamari manzil toh ek hai... mohabbat.  Aur hamain yeh mohabbat kabool hai...kabool hai...kabool hai."  We can't forgive Karan Johar for deleting such a wonderful scene from the movie, but this dialogue will stay with us forever!

Don't worry if you're rejected.  Girls often say 'we're friends, but I need time to think about this relationship!'  Don't worry, she's just asking for time.  You shouldn't get disheartened and if you do, remember this dialogue from Mohabbatein and you will never abandon your love.  "Mohabbat bhi zindagi ki tarah hoti hai, har mod aasan nahi hota, har mod par khushi nahi milti.... Par jab hum zindagi ka saath nahi chodte to mohabbat ka saath kyon chhode."

Rab ne bana di Jodi definitely won our hearts, but more than that, Suri's simplicity got the wheel turning!  If you truly say this dialogue with all your heart, no sensible girl will refuse you.  Take my word for it!  "Main jab bhi aap ko dekhta hoon mujhe rab dikhta hai.  Rab ke samne matha tekta hoon toh dil ko sukoon milta hai.  Aap ko hanste hoye dekhta hoon toh dil ko aur bhi sukoon milta hai.  Toh main toh aap Rab se bhi zyada pyar karta hoon."

Can you find a better day to get married??  Are you thinking of tying the knot, then why not this Valentine's?  Well, if you are thinking of making your Valentine's Day even more special, then this beautiful dialogue from the movie Vivaah is dedicated to you!! "Jab tum is kamre mein pehli baar meri dulhan ban keh aogi woh raat itni sahi hogi keh wahan se dekhte chaand sitare hamare milan keh gawah banenge aur hamare baad vivaah karne wale har jode ko hamari misalein denge.  Us raat is kamre mein roshni nahin sirf chandni barse gi.  Duniya ki sab se khoobsurat ladki joh tab tak sirf meri ho chuki hogi hamesha hamesha ke liye.  Kya yeh sach hai keh tum zindagi bhar mere dil keh itne paas raho gi.  Aur yeh bhi keh main who khush naseeb hoon jise tum apne din apni raatein sonpo gi." 

Chocolates are old now, try something new!  All the boys out there while you're going to confess your love, take a few choodiyan with you.  God forbid, if you get a reply from any girl saying "We're only friends," then you will be forever thankful to this dialgoue!  Hold her hand and say it with extreme feelings!  It worked for Shahrukh in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, why won't it work for you?  "Dosti keh ilawah bhi kuch rishte hote hain. Kuch rishte joh hum samajhte nahin, Kuch rishte jo hum samajhna nahin chahte.  Chub toh nahin raha?  Kuch rishte jin ka koi naam nahin hota, sirf ehsaas hota hai.  Chub toh nahin raha?  Kuch rishte jin ki koi deewar nahin hoti, sarhad nahin hoti.  Chub toh nahin raha?  Aese rishte jo dil ke rishte hote hain, pyar ke rishte hote hain, mohabbat ke rishte hote hain.  Chuba? Mujhe bhi'"

Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love and lovers, then how can we forget a lover who wanted to find love for his sweetheart before he died?  How can someone be so selfless to give away his love to someone else?  Aman became a true example of selfless and beautiful love!  Then how can we forget this sad but romantic dialogue from Kal Ho Na ho?  "Kya kahoon main?  Kya kahoon keh zindagi mein pehli baar is dil nein kisi ko dil se chaha hai.  Pehli baar is dil nein kisi ke liye sansein li hain pehli baar is dil nein kisi se mohabbat ki hai.  Is dil ki mohabbat mein bohut takkat hai lekin yeh dil khud bohut kamzor hai.  Yeh kamzor dil us ko kese de doon?"  We sure hope that you won't ever have to use this dialogue!

True love always has to go through fierce trials; and when there are challenges it becomes even more important to stand by your love so she never finds herself alone.  We hope that every couple devotes the same kind of sincerity and love to their relationship that Prem and Poonam had for each other in Vivaah.  "Tum nein mere liye hamesha pratna ki hai, aur un pratnaon nein hamesha apna asar dikhaya hai.  Aaj tum mere liye ek pratna aur kar do.. mujhe itni shakti mile keh main tumhare mann ko kabhi kamzor na padhne doon.  Tum meri saathi ho, meri sab se khoobsurat saathi jise meri khansi ki fikar rehti.  Main kya khata hon, main kya pehenta hoon is ki fikar mujhe se zyada rehti hai.  Jo mujhe mujh se bhi behtar janti hai.  Aaj hamari shaadi keh din main tum se ek tohfa chahta hoon, mujhe apne sare dard de do!"

Do you ever wonder what is love after all?  We know we can't live without it, but how do you define love?  Does anyone ask you about your relation?  How much do you love him/her?  Well, Arjun was asked about what  relationship he shared with Ganga in Pardes, and his answer came straight from his heart!   "Vishwaas ka, Maan ka, Maryada ka, Pooja ka, Pyar ka.  Agar Ganga ki hifazat karna pyar hai toh hai... pyar hai'"

Is any tribute to love complete without the eternal love story of Veer Zaara?  Two lovers who spent their entire lives for each other, yet away from each other.  If there's any love story in the world that touches your heart, this is got to be the one!  We sure hope that all lovers will be united this Valentine's Day, but these were the parting words of the two greatest lovers in the movie Veer Zaara.  "Main nein tumhari zindagi ke do pal apne paas rakh liye hain, aur apni zindagi ke do pal tumhein de diye hain.  Ab yehi do pal hamari nishani hain hamari kahani bhi.  Inhin do palon ke sahare hum apni zindagi ji lenge' lekin haste haste aur khushi se.  Na hi hamari mohabbat kam hogi aur na hi hamare farz adhure rahenge."

Aditya Chopra was right.  Some love stories do live forever, but quite the same is true for many romantic dialogues.  We hope that these dialogues will help you get at least a step closer to your destination... to your love. We hope all your wishes will come true this Valentine's Day!

Author: Mahi (-Mystery-)

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