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Monsoon Babe- Parmita Katkar

Parmita Katkar, who sizzled the audience and set ablaze many hearts with her item dance number in Page3, is all set to get launched in the lead role in Husn - Love and Betrayal.

Published: Monday,Aug 13, 2007 11:58 AM GMT-06:00
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Parmita Katkar, who sizzled the audience and set ablaze many hearts with her item dance number in Page3, is all set to get launched in the lead role in Husn - Love and Betrayal. The actress talks about monsoons in Mumbai and her formulae to deal with it.

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Q: Do you enjoy the monsoons?
A: I do, provided it doesn't rain too much or bring life to a standstill.

Q: Do you prefer getting wet or do you like staying indoors?
A: I prefer staying indoors, but when I am with my family I definitely go out with everybody to get wet in the rain. Every monsoon I get a chance to meet my family and it's fun hanging out with cousins and relatives.

Q: Do you prefer to stay in Mumbai in the rainy season?
A: I have been more than lucky that whenever it rains incessantly in Mumbai, I am not in town. In 2005, when the city was flooded, I was in Bangalore. I was in that city even on June 27 this year when it rained a lot here in Mumbai. I prefer Delhi during monsoons though, because the weather doesn't get cold even after showers.

Q: Any favourite holiday destination during the monsoons?
A: During monsoons, I would rather prefer going for a long drive then getting trapped at some resort.

Q: Do you like your rainwear in bright colours or neutral shades?
A: I don't use wind cheaters, and unlike those who prefer girly colours like pink, I love the authentic Burberry shade in umbrellas.

Q: What kind of food do you prefer in the monsoons? Do you follow any particular diet?
A: Nothing special as such, I just avoid eating roadside junk and oily snacks like pakoras and vada pao because I had a very bad experience before. I had fallen ill after eating contaminated outside food. I just make sure that I drink mineral water when I am outdoors.

Q: Is it necessary to have a car during the monsoons in Mumbai?
A: Yes, very much. I have experienced the problems one comes across without it. I remember the time when I had to stand queue up for tickets at the bus stand, getting drenched to the bone. By the time I reached the auditions, my whole make-up used to get washed off. I had to put it on all over again. It was miserable when I didn't have my own vehicle.

Q: What precautions should one take in the season?
A: A lot of people prefer wearing flat-soled footwear during rains but I differ. I think wearing heels is better during the rains. It keeps the legs from getting wet and muddy. One can wear short-length clothing, like capris or shorts. Even boots are nice. You got to be fashionable, without looking stupid.

Q: Any bad experience related to the monsoons that you can recall at the moment?
A: Nothing much except for a bout of typhoid last year. And yes, every year because of water seepage the ceilings and walls in my house get horrible so I have to get them painted every year in August or September.

Q: Suggestions for B.M.C.
A: More than B.M.C., I would like to suggest people to keep the city clean. B.M.C. is too small to look after such a big city. I have seen people in BMWs, lowering their window screens and throwing garbage out on the streets. They just keep their house clean and give a damn about the city. It has to be a joint effort to keep the city clean.

Q: What if 26/7 happens again?
A: Hope it doesn't happen again. But if it does, we all should be well-prepared. All we need to do is keep the city clean.


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