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M.O.M Review : Sakshi Tanwar & Mona Singh Starrer Dives Into Details to Give a Closer Look Into the Struggle Behind the Mars Mission

ALT Balaji and Zee5’s Mission Over Mars (M.O.M) raises the patriotic spirit as well as managed to strike a balance between emotions and science…


After Coldd Lassi and Chicken Masala, Content Czarina Ekta Kapoor has come up with another ambitious project, Mission Over Mars starring Sakshi Tanwar, Mona Singh, Nidhi Singh and Palomi Ghosh. The web series is ALT Balaji’s first sci-fi drama, which narrates the journey of four women scientists, the driving force behind India’s Mangalyaan mission. The trailers and posters of the series sparked a comparison between the series and the multi-starrer film Mission Mangal. We would recommend the viewers to read the review to know what makes the series different from the movie.

Watch the trailer:

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The first episode starts with a government school where a girl named Moushami Ghosh (Mona Singh) from class nine solves a problem from class ten. Young Moushami’s only dream was to become a scientist and reach space someday and guess what? She achieves the dream and joins ISA (Indian Space Agency). However, things are not going as she planned them to, she is divorced and her ex-husband works at the same agency. She is a go-getter, ambitious and aggressive but is haunted by the failure of Chandravimaan, ISA’s Moon Mission.

Ashish Vidyarthi is playing the chief of ISA, who believes their real employers are the common people whose tax money is spent on their missions. He brings the team together and proposes for Mission to Mars before the government. This is when Mona Ambegaonkar enters the story, she is a shrewd politician, who is against funding. Nandita (Sakshi Tanwar), a polite and calm mission coordinator, is a possessive mother and will be seen stalking her son in the series.

The Permanent Roommates star Nidhi Singh is seen spending most of her time in bed making out with her gynaecologist husband. She is in a dilemma whether to plan her pregnancy as the Mars mission struggled to survive owing to several reasons including funds, budgeting and deadlines. Meghan (Palomi Ghosh) is a science geek and single, looking for a perfect match and is developing an application for the same.

What did we like?

The makers have gone into depth and have shown the minute details of the entire mission - Starting from the project proposal, getting the funds, team building, deadline constraints, deciding the name for the mission and competition with China. The series also focused on the personal lives of the scientists thus, striking a good balance between personal and professional scenes.


We loved the performances of the lead cast, Mona Singh and Sakshi Tanwar shined brighter with their totally different characters. Ashish Vidyarthi pulled off ISA’s Captain cool pretty well. It was a delight to watch Meghan and Nidhi’s bond and their chat over match-making. Mona Ambegaonkar got into the skin of a selfish politician with her harsh dialogues and expressions.


1. Ashish Vidyarthi distributing pictures of common people to all scientists to keep them motivated.

2. Sakshi Tanwar gets into a dialogue with an auto driver when asks for a high fare and gives him a fit reply comparing the MOM’s budget with the auto fare.

3. Mona Singh and her ex-husband fighting to get Meghan (Palomi Ghosh) in their respective team.


Both Mission Mangal and MOM are inspired by the same story. So, the broad storyline has to be similar as it is derived from a real-life event. From the character developments to showing the personal life and struggles of each character, the ALT Balaji series dived into the details which makes it different from the movie.

What we didn’t like?

Nidhi Singh’s character is way too superstitious for a scientist - there was a scene where she asks Nandita to postpone the Missile launch as the Mahurat (time) was not suitable. Except for Ashish’s character, no other man was given importance, they were also portrayed as lazy and worthless, which was not required. The technical and scientific aspects could have been better for making the operations look more realistic.


Mission Over Mars is a must-watch series, it raises the patriotic spirit and gives a feel-good vibe. With strong performances and plot development, MOM will definitely keep you hooked. 


*** ½ (3.5 Stars)

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