Mohit Sehgal says 'Naagin 5 journey was phenomenal', Is looking forward to doing web projects

Mohit Sehgal opens up about wrapping up the show, the energy that has been on the sets, doing web projects, and more.

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Naagin 5 team wrapped up their shoot just last night and everyone has been sharing posts on social media as to what an emotional and fulfilling journey it has been after all. Surbhi Chandna, Ssharad Malhotra, Mohit Sehgal, and everyone else on the team has shared photos from their last day of shoot and fans are definitely looking forward to seeing how it all ends for everyone.

We got in touch with Mohit aka Jay and spoke to him about the show, and his journey so far. The actor quipped, ''The journey was phenomenal, I thoroughly enjoyed Jay's character, we had a wonderful cast and crew, and very loving people. Interestingly, we have a young cast and we had a blast shooting, it was a really good time - always cracking jokes and time just flew. We didn't realise that it has been 6 months. Usually, there are parents (actors) and everyone, the energy was so high all the time because everyone was young!''

This happened to be a totally different character for Mohit. Ask him if he feels overwhelmed after having tried something different, he adds, ''That's what I look forward to, doing something different. Even in between, when I had started shooting for Naagin, I realised Jay's character is taking a turn and lots of things are happening, I sat with the creatives and I gave them the idea that may be we should change the look because he turned negative fully, he should look negative, like a proper villain and we all came up with the idea in the changes in the look and that brought a lot of flavour to his character, everyone appreciated it, and it was fun. Even with all my other shows, I have given my characters a completely different look, so that when they see it for the first time, they should feel that it is the character and the actor.''

Ask him if he will be a part of the spin-off show Kuch Toh Hai, the actor says, ''If they call me, I would love to be a part of it for a few episodes.''

The OTT space has been booming and how. Ask the actor about any plans of working on digital projects, he seems as excited as ever. He told us, ''I will ask all producers to please let me know if I fit the bill, I am really looking forward to something on the web, so if I something comes my way, I will definitely take it up.''

Well, we are sure fans are hoping to see him pick something different once again and so he will, soon!

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