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Mitali Nag replaced in Afsar Bitiya?

Buzz is going around that Mitali Nag who plays Krishna might get replaced in Zee TV’s show Afsar Bitiya…

Zee TV's popular show Afsar Bitiya might be replacing the main lead  of the show Mitali Nag. We hear that Mitali Nag who is playing the main lead Krishna, might get replaced by Parul Chauhan who gained a lot of fame after essaying the character of Ragini in Bidaai.

According to our source, Parul Chauhan might be replacing Mitali's character in the show but nothing has been confirmed yet. According to the storyline, Mitali's character Krishna might get killed in the show and Parul might play the main lead. 

We tried to get in touch with Parul but she remained unavailable for the moment. 

Reporter: Krishma Solanki
Author: Anwesha Kamal   





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coolbreeze 8 years ago can u guyz stop this nonsense .parul is not entering AB .this was only rumours to gain trp .why u gyz r blaming parul :O .what she did ?if u want blame someone then blame mitali she is the one who said parul may replace her ..they only misused parul name for publicity.
-Nirvana- 8 years ago Oh my Godness No!
If Mitali is unable to be Krishna anymore or if they want Parul instead okay...
But don't kill of Krishna's character!
It's the same exact thing that was done in Ram Milaye Jodi,where Anukalp(Sujay) was killed in order to let Aditya (Angad) and Mona(Sara) to come together.
They made a mistake by killing of the main character.They should have just replaced Sujay with Angad as Anukalp.
Please don't kill off Krishna's character.I'm afraid the same fate will be in store.A replacement might be the better idea.
What will happen to Mitali btw?Is she unable to be Krishna because of reasons...or will she be fired? :(If they are firing Mitali because Kinshuk and Parul were a loved couple by alot..that's really bad. :/2012-07-28 15:52:00
sameesam 8 years ago jitna cheap mitali usse zyaada cheap unki fans hai dekho hamari comnts dislike karnekeliye kitna acc banaya hai .sharam naam ki cheez hi nahi hai in logom mein .
martalinda 8 years ago Oh no not again. Please stop this Parul thing.If she has some respect for a co actress she would decline the offer which I think she did because she didn't want to comment about it. And please stop accusing mitali .You're just creating animosity among the viewers of AB.
magicalkinrul 8 years ago hw cheap she is yeck.i hate mithali .she is using our parul for publicity .parul plzz do somethng against her.
Camryn 8 years ago Love parul...they both would rock together
Dilbole_ShiOmRu 8 years ago Really wish we get some confirmation soon
madhu0702 8 years ago OMG !! They are replacing her just to bring in Parul and use the jodi's popularity??!? Can the PH stoop any lower? I have nothing against Parul nor Mitali since i have nt watched both their shows. But this is disgusting. One lesson learnt - never attach yourself to a show too much. I am so worried if this is true !!
-ParidhiHolic- 8 years ago Loveleen: yr cum on it wsnt sangad's fault
We knw dat at strtng tym trp incrsd bt it fall due to d reasn we all d cts didnt used sangad well
downandout 8 years ago So now someone has confirmed it. AB people are using Parul's name ofr publicity as a last ditch effort to save the show. It is going off air.
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