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An interactive article pertaining to bolly couples never seen before.. asking the readers for a feedback and suggestions!

Published: Saturday,Sep 12, 2009 18:00 PM GMT-06:00
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Meant-to-be! Of everything consequential in determining how a movie shall fare at box office, its star cast - especially the chemistry between the lead couple - is critical.

Remember, the spell SRK-Kajol cast upon you when DDLJ first hit the halls? The magic they wove over a decade ago remains timeless, and always will!

And then again, has Bollywood not boasted a history of on-screen couples who became aware of their love, eventually leading to bonding in real life? From the era of Dhrama-Hema and Bachan-Jaya, to the now generation of John-Bips and Abhi-Aish; the transformations have found their ways to come alive!

Wishful permutations have led us at Bollycury to club names into unprecendented reel-couples. If you share our thoughts and have wished at least once upon a time to see your favorite actors together in a fantasy come true, here's your chance to have your say!

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Saif Ali Khan-Genelia D'Souza- With the success of Love Aj Kal behind him, Saif has had every reason to consider pairing up with the new female faces of tinsel town! Genelia of course has proved her worth in skill 'and' punk with JTYJN. Could this be a possible match to look out for?

Farhan Akhtar-Priety Zinta- Dil Chahta Hai saw her in a role woven from his genius. The younger Akhtar has proved his multi-dimensional talent over the last few ventures, including a good face on screen. Can Akhtar's wits and Priety's vivaciousness be fruitfully paired?

John Ibrahim-Konkana Sen- Talent, experimented roles, screen faces, critic acclaims and a stardom that promises only to grow- the two of them have plenty in common! And of course, we're aware of John's soft corner for Bengali's beauties! Whatsay?!

Arjun Rampal-Vidya Balan- With the former having finally tapped his much deserved share of luck, and the latter having proved her worth through roles of substance; even if her lesser performances did mostly disappear into near anonymity, Vidya and Arjun match on the standards of skill and credits. Could they possibly match for more...?

Hrithik Roshan-Deepika Padukone- A pretty picture! Deepika takes to older men; well, at least professionally! It might be worth a shot then for her to explore other establishments outside realm of Khan's. Of course, Roshan would still fit her 'old is gold' bill!

Akshay Kumar-Rani Mukherjee- News had it last year that Akki had refused to do films with Rani as she had turned him down when he was a nobody. Rani, who had delivered one of her start up hits Kuch Kuch Hota Hai by the then nobody Karan Johar would be an unexpected one for that blame. Whatever be the reality of matters, it would be best to bury the hatchet for the two current day celebrities to come together on the big screen; wouldn't fans agree?

Imraan Khan-Sonam Kapoor- Two new faces! Both popular, both savvy, both carrying a load of never ending expectations. A glimpse of whom we saw on the covers of the prestigious 'Fimlfare'! Imraan and Sonam in later interviews were heard to claim an easy camaraderie and a mutual desire to work on a project together... a big motivation would be an approving audience?!

Shahid Kapoor-Anushka Sharma- Here is a couple unseen but considered already. The two rising stars have been approached for an upcoming Yash Raj Film together. Could they turn it into a venture of mutual benefit - yet another YRF blockbuster?

Abhishek Bachan-Asin- With her debut in Bollywood scaling heights, Asin has displayed the potential to share screen space with tinsel town's perfection personified. Could a Bachan then well be her next step to fame?

Looking forward to an active participation from all our readers, on what couples among these, or others they would love to see or absolutely not, why, and in what genre of movie themes!

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