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Mayuri Deshmukh: Glad I took the role of Malini, took the leap of faith based on the conviction of director

Mayuri Deshmukh recently spoke to India Forums as she got talking about feeling grateful for the show, the success, stereotypes on television and work ahead.

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Actress Mayuri Deshmukh, who is currently seen as Malini Chaturvedi in Imlie has been receiving a lot of love for her portrayal. The actress recently spoke to India Forums as she got talking about feeling grateful for the show, the success, stereotypes on television and work ahead.

Read her conversation with us here.

With the pandemic going on, everyone is filled with a greater sense of gratitude, how do you feel about it?

These are the exact thoughts that even in these times, with certain precautions and necessary conditions, we are shooting, being able to work and follow our passion, even in these testing times, it is a privilege, honestly. I am filled with a lot of gratitude. We were doing really good you know, even on the charts and keeping the momentum. Had there been a break, the momentum and the entire team spirit would have taken a plump. I am grateful that nothing has been hindered by the pandemic.

The show started off as an underdog, what would you say was the thought process when taking up the show?

I had no idea what I was taking up, I wasn't in the mood to work but when I got a call, the team was persistent, especially my director, he made sure that I play the part of Mailini. I took the leap of faith based on their conviction that let us do it and I am so glad I took that chance because I would have missed a good show and a fantastic role. The thought behind taking up the show was just to give it a shot, I had no expectation whatsoever.

The plot has been revealed, which means you will also be subject to different kinds of questions and opinions online, how do you deal with that?

The fans are really invested in the three characters and when the track progresses when either of us is angry, or hurt or mad, the same thing reflects on the fans. When Malini was going through a lot of turmoil, the fans were so mean and nasty to the other characters, and that is when I realized that it is not the way to love your favourite characters. If you are hurt by certain things, you need to know that this is a story and a show and you can't bash other characters, because that is not the way to compliment. If you want to do it, compliment me, don't bash other characters because then it is difficult for me to enjoy that. Though our audience has really grown, these ardent fans do take it to a different level, otherwise, everything is taken in a fun stride, memes, etc.

As a television show, there is likely to be over-the-top drama. Do you feel distant to your character and don't relate to the character ever, if yes, what do you do then?

That is where my professionalism comes in, it is a challenge for me if I am not convinced yet I have to do it and that is when I challenge myself because I have to have conviction, which is where I test myself. It is very easy to play a character which you love but the moment something goes off is when you have to pull up the conviction from somewhere else.

What would you say is something you are looking forward to explore?

I want to be a part of everything - good movies, TV shows, web shows, regional films, anything that is good and touches my heart and will help me connect with the audience, I want to be a part of it.

Mayuri Deshmukh Imlie 

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ReemShah 5 days ago Loved her role in the show--and her maturity
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ReemShah 5 days ago Malini plays her role perfectly--it is difficult to agree to play the character of 3rd women
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asmi_joya 7 days ago She is such a profound actor.. Have followed her in Marathi films..Knows her crafts and delivers..
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