Mayank Anand's book gets an artistic cover page..

The artistic side of Mayank Anand is for all to see in the cover page of his to be released book, which he has painted himself!!

Apart from being a gifted actor, Mayank Anand is also a commendable writer whose upcoming debut novel, Love from the Sidelines, is all set to hit the stores. But not many people know that this blue-eyed boy of the small screen also has an artistic side! He devotes time regularly to his paintings and one of his gorgeous paintings now adorns the cover page of his book.

"Yes, I painted it while I was writing the book", Mayank remembers fondly.  "It has all the emotions that the book has. I didn't plan to put it on the cover. It's only when the book was completed and my Publishers, Leadstart Publishing and I were finalizing on the cover design that the idea struck me!" the actor continues.

Knowing Mayank's earthy, versatile signature style, his every work promises to be a unique piece of art! Trust Mayank to tip off a victorious frenzy! And now that only a few days are left for the launch of the book, we wish you good luck, Mayank!

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Mayank Anand

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Ive read sooooooooo many reviews of his book in sooooo many magazines.
Its excellent!!!!

14 years ago

omg,......i want to get the copy of this bk as soon as it launchs.....

14 years ago

Wow this looks awesome!! The book is soooooooooo good!!

14 years ago


Deepali has won the official Mayank Anand Contest!! I am sooo jealous of her!! But hey , the contest is still on!!!

We can still win the autographed copy & may be a date with mayank..


14 years ago

Wow!!! Never knew he is a painter too.

And really DMG is no more same without you guys. And yeah, I just got Mayank's Love from sidelines. Its really nice to have author signed books. Thnx A1Books.

Hope to complete this book soon.

14 years ago

Loved his romantic image in DMG...ow eagerly waiting for his first book which portrays his romantic identity in writing... And really surprised to hear that the cover page is one of his paintings...My best wishes to a talented and enthusiastic personality....Cheers!!!

Anamika Joshi

(Get author signed copies of love from the sidelines!!!)

14 years ago

I wish him good luck
all esence n magic of DMG has gone with all u guys
it will be never the same without the old gang
missing orignal dmg cast n orignal dmg really bad,but life goes on for mayank n all dmg fans

14 years ago

Gud luck Mayank...u will definitely get success..miss u alot in dmg...

14 years ago

he's so talented n d cover is fabulous!!!....all d best Mayank!!

14 years ago

gorgeous cover mayank and im sure the book is amazing too...ill be sure to read it if it launches in america :D

14 years ago

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