Maya plans to insult Parmeet in the farewell party in Bani - Ishq Da Kalma!

Will the farewell party be a game changer for Maya as she has planned to insult Parmeet just the way he insulted Bani in Colors’ popular show Bani – Ishq Da Kalma.

Colors' popular show Bani - Ishq Da Kalma is all set to bring forth some interesting track ahead as Bani (Shefali Sharma) who is seen as Maya plans to take revenge from Parmeet (Gaurav Chaudhary). This time Bani has planned the same for Parmeet just like he had done with her earlier.   

Our source says, "In the upcoming track of the show, a farewell party will be announced for Rajji (Neha Bagga) and Sohum (Adhvik Mahajan) and Bani agrees for doing all the preparations like last time. Bani who has turned Maya for Parmeet gets furious at him and refuses to organize the party. To make Parmeet realize Bani's importance, she does the same with him as she comes to inspect the preparations being done by him and says bad about everything. The situations will make Parmeet realize the importance of Bani."   

When contacted Shefali Sharma, she said, "Maya would be doing the same to Parmeet in the party what he had done earlier with Bani."

Will Maya be able to get success in insulting Parmeet in the party? Will the game played by Bani make Parmeet realize the importance of Bani and regret about killing her? The upcoming tracks of the show will unearth the answers to these questions.

Anwesha Kamal


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jmoyee200 6 years ago Shefali sarma & Neha Bagga just super
waiting for party wish for baani .
Theta14 6 years ago @ BE: absolutely agree
i really feel bad when bani torture him
poor ppermeet
and when permeet tortured bani before i never felt bad for her, not only hat i always irritate on her...
Avika.Gor 6 years ago Shefali Sharma rock in this show ! But I must say love this kind of revange, its looks soo funny.
BullsEye777 6 years ago All this so-called revenge only makes me feel bad for Parmeet.
d.padmini 6 years ago oh..no . i thought the serial is ending and was up to celebrate but it seems something else only
sailuja 6 years ago Fareall party for soji.. why.are they leaving to show.?.or are they leaving to bhuller house .ohh really if soji back mann house it would be really happy and intesrting..but I think diz party willl not be rmevenge for parmeet..I think her targetting for randeep-gagan..so she is going to use parmeet for that..2014-03-05 07:20:02
Krilovad 6 years ago waiting for Party & want Baani -Maya win her plan to insult Parmeet.
love u dear shefali sarma as Baani & Maya & Neha bagga as Rajji.
br200910 6 years ago Shafali sarma n Neha bagga just super waiting for interesting track... best of luck our Bani as maya to insult parmeet.
nami9j 6 years ago farewell party for soji?... using soji to take bani-parmeet track forward.. bored of bani's tit for tat plans...
but the good thing is finally finally soji are leaving that bhullar house... want them in maan house forever... love soji... love neha bagga and adhvik mahajan
Theta14 6 years ago farewell party for sohum-rajji??? :-S

oh my gosh that's mean soji going to move to mann house
yaayy...so so so happy..'now we can expect some pure soji scene ...

neha bagga and adhbhik mahajan rock as rajji and sohum..
love soji/nedhvvik

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