Masti Mania between TV celebs and their teachers!

TV celebrities talk to TellyBuzz about their mastigiri, tu tu - main main and dhamaal on this Teacher's Day.

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It is Teacher's Day today and to no one's surprise, the day is extremely special and memorable to all the teachers as well as the students in India. When it comes to teachers, students, schools and colleges, there has to be some kind of masti, mazaak and pranks. So on this good lovely day, TellyBuzz brings to you some actors who have played some really interesting pranks on their teachers. Read on and have fun! *wink*

Hasan Zaidi currently seen in Sony Pal's Tum Sath Ho Jab Apne

Before telling about the prank, I would like to tell that both my parents are teachers. My father was an English professor and my mother was a Hindi teacher. My mother used to teach in same school where I used to study in; so I had good relations with all my teachers in the school.

I have played too many pranks on my teacher. There was this one time that we decided was we will not reply to anything to what our teacher says. It was Mr. Murthy class and he spoke for like ten minutes but we did not reply at all. Not a single student uttered a word. He was someone who used to discuss everything in class and finally he asked all of us what the matter was? All of us just sprang out saying we want a holiday for Children's Day. And our teacher actually gave us holiday on Children's Day. That was an epic incident I remember. Also, I have played many pranks on teachers with fake snakes and spiders and stuff.

I would like to tell my parents that I really love them all. All my teachers love me and they are so proud of me seeing me on television. I think this is the best gift I can ever give to any of my teacher.

Giaa Manek last in SAB TV's Jeannie Aur Juju

Yes I had played a prank long time back. There was this teacher which my friends and I never liked. She used to love drawing things on the black board while teaching. So one fine day before she came into the class, we drew four - five funny images of cartoons of her with different expressions and we did not leave any space for her on the blackboard. When she saw it, she was really furious. She kept asking as to who was behind this prank. But none of us accepted and we were all sitting with innocent faces. Eventually she punished the whole class by asking us all to stand on the bench with our hands up. That was really hilarious.  

Mohit Malik currently seen in Zee TV's Doli Armaanon Ki

There are loads of pranks that I have played on my teacher. So it is very difficult to pick a single incident. But out of all incidents one I remember is, I was in 11th standard and we locked our English teacher in bathroom. He kept on shouting 'open-open-open' and we were having fun (laughs). We were in 11th so we used to do a lot of fun and masti. But this is one incident I specifically remember. My teacher's name was Mani sir. He is still there in my school - BalBharati (Delhi).

Roopal Tyagi currently seen in Zee TV's Sapne Suhane Ladakapan Ke

In school, I was actually one of those good students who always wanted to be in the good books of the teachers. But at the same time I was very naughty so I used to get things done from my friends. I was like the group leader and everyone used to listen to me. That time I was very young maybe third or fourth standard. I was in a Catholic school so we were not allowed to play Holi in school. It was Holi back then and we thought of doing something.

Our classroom doors used to be open all the time. So behind the door, we asked a girl to stand on a chair and throw a bowl full of colors on our teacher. But unfortunately, it did not fall on the teacher and seeing all of this she got extremely angry. So we planned of playing the prank on that same teacher next day. It was our Hindi class and there were very few people who took Hindi as a subject; others had taken a South Indian language. I took everybody on my side and put brown color on her chair. Unfortunately, she had worn a yellow dress that day and she did not see the chair and just sat and her dress got colored at wrong part. Just when she turned towards the blackboard, I took that color and tried throwing it on her entire back so that it does not look embarrassing. But she found that something was fishy and she caught me and took me to the principal. That was extremely hilarious and I still laugh when I recall that incident. 

Shakti Arora currently seen in Colors' Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi

One prank I remember was - I was in FYJC and all my teachers made us write notes for their specific subjects. I was too bored to write so much so I gave an excuse to my teacher that my hand got swollen because dumbbells fell on my hand while I was working out in gym. That teacher actually wrote notes for me while she was dictating in class. So all my classmates were like 'waah waah...mast ullu banaya'. I did similar thing for two-three times and that is when my teacher started realizing that I was fooling with her.

She was a young lady and very innocent. She was not even married at that time. But then after this incident she stopped writing notes for students (laughs).

Well, all these incidents about the actors speaking about their pranks on teachers made us giggle. We are sure this made you guys chuckle too.

Upasana Patel


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Happy Teachers Day to all
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