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Marjaavaan Review: Perhaps, the best film to test your patience!

The film is totally handled by Riteish Deshmukh. Comparatively, the rest of the cast seems too bland as the story hardly makes any sense...


Marjavaan focuses on the story of a Mafia group and their Messiah Raghu (Sidharth Malhotra) who is miffed by Anna's son Vishnu. The further narrates the complications of Raghu's life who is being tormented by his love for Zoya (Tara).  

The film lacks on basic elements of cinema which could have considerably flourished provided, someone apart from director Milap Zaveri had worked on this film. The major flaws are right in front of you. 

The characters of this film constantly contradict their own movements as they transpire through the story. The most ironic part is no one knows what is the whole conflict all about. Clouded by revenge for the fallen loved ones, the film is cluttered and way too confusing.   

There's nothing the dialogues apart from 'Jokes about Height'. As we already come to the end of the film the characters are still confused if they are the protagonists or antagonists in their conscience. 

As previously discussed the importance of a supporting character has an abundance of importance in the film and considering the overpowered protagonist, they hardly cared about the supporting cast. If the makers had considered casting a cynical actor who’s emotions make any sense the film would have balanced out. But, in the end, all you care about is Riteish’s performance in the film. He has totally convinced his importance as an actor in this film and he will make you believe that he is a psychopath a midget who is insecure about his position at the high table. Although, it is yet unclear what he is struggling for.

With poor scripting, the whole idea of conceiving this film is too dubious. The basic reason being the casting of this film. There is characters totally unreliable hold no reason for their existence. 

Sidharth Malhotra, Tara Sutaria and Rakul Preet seem to be in their own zone wherein no one knows what is the conflict all about and what expressions are supposed to be featured. The irony is Rakul performs her shocked state a bit late every time the camera turns towards her. 

Still, it is unclear what was the whole idea of the film. Marjavaan is a typical ‘80s revenge drama packaged in the same old way, which essentially means a couple of dance bar songs, cheesy dialogues and a lot of bloodshed.

Perhaps, the film was never about love but it was totally about political upper hand and inheriting power. Maybe, it's too soon to come to any conclusions. 

Ratings: 2/5 

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Tede_naina 3 months ago But what if they screw the masala bit right ?
ishan2003 3 months ago Maybe stop trying to find realistic cinema everywhere and enjoy the masala...appreciate the effort
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