Maitree's Bhaweeka Chaudhary emphasizes the role of Hindi in cinema and culture

Maitree fame Bhaweeka Chaudhary has an important message to give on the occasion of Hindi Diwas.

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Hindi, the soulful and expressive language, holds a special place in the heart of every Indian. As we celebrate Hindi Diwas, a day dedicated to honoring this cherished language, it is essential to acknowledge its profound significance in shaping our nation's cultural and linguistic landscape. Bhaweeka Chaudhary, the talented actress who portrays Nandini in Zee TV's "Maitree," shares her thoughts on the importance of Hindi and its role in various facets of our lives.

According to Bhaweeka, Hindi Diwas serves as a poignant reminder of the official language of our country, Hindi. It is a day to celebrate the rich tapestry of Hindi literature, culture, and the immense contributions made by renowned literary figures and scholars. Over the years, Hindi has evolved and matured, owing much of its development to these luminaries who have lovingly crafted its narrative.

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Bhaweeka says, ''According to me Hindi Diwas is a day dedicated to honoring the official language of our country, Hindi. The journey and development of this language has been greatly shaped by the contributions of famous literary figures and scholars. In fact, I believe Hindi cinema and theater have been playing a pivotal role in increasing the importance of the language across various corners of our nation.''

Further, the actress spoke about the importance of being fluent in the language and said, ''I feel that Hindi is a simple and most comfortable language that everyone can easily express themselves in. And being an actor I can say that your Hindi has to be really good when you are working in the Hindi television industry. I feel proud that I know the language really well.”

As Hindi Diwas unfolds, it is a moment of pride for Bhaweeka and countless others who cherish the language. Knowing Hindi well isn't just a skill; it's a testament to one's connection to the roots and culture of India. It's a celebration of the language that binds us together, allowing us to communicate our thoughts, dreams, and aspirations with clarity and eloquence.

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