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Mahhi Vij goes to the police station as trolls threaten her family

Mahhi Vij and her husband have been trolled on social media recently. Here is how Mahhi dealt with extreme threats.


Mahhi Vij and husband, Jay Bhanushali have been massively trolled on social media due to their row with Para Chabbra in the show Mujhse Shadi Karoge. They have been receiving threats and Mahhi is having none of it.

When one troll commented on her daughter recently, the actress replied to the troll on social media saying "Don’t get my daughter in between hai dum toh aao samne warna bhokna bandh karo.shame on u people shame on ur family for producing such bad souls" 

Check out her replies below:

The actress shockingly revealed that this was not the end of it. One of them threatened to rape her mother. Mahhi completely lost it and replied to the troll saying if he has guts, come to Oshiwara police station the next day and meet her there.

"I went to Oshiwara police station and waited for this unnamed coward for an hour or so. Of course, he didn't turn up. What's more? He even deleted the tweet where he spoke about my mother and along with that all other tweets where he trolled me. I couldn't complain to the cyber cell as by then he had deleted everything." the actress said.

The actress said "If you'll attack my daughter or mother, I will f%&k your happiness."


Mahhi Vij

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