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Magic Wand in Saregamapa set - Was Himesh Missing??

Saturday's SaReGaMaPa episode was worth watching fo all the suspense that it created.There was something unusually missing in the show and also this left the viewers with lot of questions in their minds.Read on!!

Published: Sunday,Jul 08, 2007 21:46 PM GMT-06:00
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This is related to again Himesh Reshammiya, the composer whom most love to hate. There were many points in the show which is actually putting a question mark – Was the mentor actually present there on the sets during the whole show?

Now let us just go through few very minor details that happened in the show. Himesh was never shown commenting on the awesome performances rest alone others. He did not even make a single comment on the performance of his favorite Aneek Dhar, who wowed everyone with his performance. Neither was he shown ever to interact with the mentors, except during the Josh Gharana performance rounds. Otherwise all shots of Himesh were solo shots.

Now we come to the most interesting part which actually raises our eyebrows. If you watch the performances by Harpreet, Aneek, Nirupama, Raja and Joy and watch the aerial shots, it’s clearly evident that Himesh is not there on his seat. There are just four mentors sitting there instead of usual five. Also after Yalgaar Gharana contestant Poonam’s performance, Ismail Durbar shakes hands with Shekhar for agreeing to sign the contestant in their band. The hand-shake took place with both of them in their seats - Himesh was not present in between them, as he usually is. In one of the shots Shekhar is also seen sitting on the Rock Gharana mentors chair!! Himesh seems to have taken this opportunity to prove himself as an actor after the huge success of his film Aap ka Suroor by giving in some best solo shots which gave us a wrong notion that he was actually present in the shot.

So what is the real story behind all this? Is it that Himesh came late for shooting and reached only during the shooting of the Josh gharana? And is it Zee who decided to go for some extra editing to make the show look such? This also brings the question as to the actual reality of these reality shows. It’s now very clear - that for all the decisions these shows gets to make, viewers every week make an even more important one. They choose whether to continue to invest themselves in a show that seems more and more random and unfair.

Reporter: Shadytown, Barnali, Anu.Rad

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Gracella @TrustYourSelf 16 years ago yep really weird! i guess he wasn't there!!!
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Tara_K @Tara_K 16 years ago haha well great observation maybe all that praise has gone to his head
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Lil Ms.Sunshine
Sweta @Lil Ms.Sunshine 16 years ago [=))] he musta gone to the bathroom..

could be possible you know..he might just take half a day there..and then decides to come back for part of the shooting and then leaves again for another bathroom trip!
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Suny @SmarterDesiKid 16 years ago or he musta gone to the bathroom
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Harman @Herman_4u 16 years ago wow, great observation. but he was also commenting on aditya. and also asked mouli and aditya if they have boyfriend or girlfriend.
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Simran @~Simz~ 16 years ago Great observation. If I hadn't read this I wouldn't have paid attention. Luckily i still have it in the DVR...i am going to watch it again.
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Koyal @Koyal 16 years ago Not to worry, in the next ASVOI, they will show either Aadesh or Abhijit making comments like, we always judge our shows ourselves or we don't leave our shows in the middle like other mentors or some such...
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how does it matter? @willina 16 years ago wow never noticed it..although i knew something is missing...
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Pori @Pori 16 years ago I agree with Kritib.. why make such a drama wen he wasnt even present.. we get stuck with stuff tht doesnt mean othrs are gona make up for us evrytime
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*Reemz* @*Reemz* 16 years ago so if Himesh wasn't there then how could he assume Aditya's comments were correct? He didnt listen to the songs live like the others did. So how was Aditya getting the praises?? Confusing!

Thank u!
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